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Discografia: Billy Paul

Ano: 1968 *Relançado em 1973
Título: Feelin’ Good at The Cadillac
Gravadora: Gamble
Formato: LP
A1.  Just In Time (3:55)
A2.  Feeling Good (8:30)
A3.  Somewhere (3:37)
A4.  Billy Boy (2:38)
A5.  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (2:31)
B1.  On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (4:39)
B2.  Missing You (2:45)
B3.  That's Life (4:05)
B4.  Bluesette (3:02)
Ano: 1970 *Relançado em 1973
Título: Ebony Woman
Gravadora: Neptune Records
Formato: LP
A1.  Ebony Woman (3:52)
A2.  Mrs. Robinson (4:31)
A3.  The Windmills Of Your Mind (8:00)
A4.  Everyday People (3:55)
B1.  Let's Fall In Love All Over (3:51)
B2.  Windy (2:50)
B3.  Psychedelic Sally (2:58)
B4.  Traces (4:01)
B5.  Proud Mary (2:23)
Ano: 1971 *Relançado em 1973
Título: Going East
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  East (6:46)
A2.  (If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can't I Touch You? (2:42)
A3.  This Is Your Life (4:16)
A4.  Jesus Boy (You Only Look Like A Man) (4:17)
B1.  Magic Carpet Ride (5:19)
B2.  I Wish It Were Yesterday (3:50)
B3.  Compared To What (5:20)
B4.  Love Buddies (3:40)
B5.  There's A Small Hotel (4:27)
Ano: 1972
Título: 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  Brown Baby (4:38)
A2.  I'm Just A Prisoner (8:06)
A3.  It's Too Late (4:34)
A4.  Me And Mrs. Jones (4:45)
B1.  Am I Black Enough For You (5:19)
B2.  Let's Stay Together (6:28)
B3.  Your Song (6:32)
B4.  I'm Gonna Make It This Time (4:23)
Ano: 1973
Título: War Of The Gods
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  I See The Light (6:14)
A2.  War Of The Gods (10:09)
B1.  The Whole Town's Talking (4:48)
B2.  I Was Married (7:22)
B3.  Thanks For Saving My Life (2:59)
B4.  Peace Holy Peace (6:58)
Ano: 1974
Título: Live In Europe
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  War Of The Gods Introduction / Brown Baby (9:11)
A2.  Thanks For Saving My Life (4:19)
B1.  Me And Mrs. Jones (8:50)
B2.  Your Song (8:43)
Ano: 1975
Título: Got My Head On Straight
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  July, July, July, July (5:30)
A2.  Billy's Back Home (4:33)
A3.  I've Got So Much To Live For (4:51)
A4.  Black Wonders Of The World (8:02)
B1.  Enlightenment (4:53)
B2.  When It's Your Time To Go (5:02)
B3.  Be Truthful To Me (3:08)
B4.  Everything Must Change (5:23)
B5.  My Head's On Straight (3:12)
Ano: 1975
Título: When Love Is New
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  People Power (4:18)
A2.  America (We Need The Light) (5:20)
A3.  Let The Dollar Circulate (4:58)
A4.  Malorie (3:46)
B1.  When Love Is New (5:28)
B2.  I Want 'Cha Baby (6:18)
B3.  Let's Make A Baby (7:11)
Ano: 1976
Título: Let 'Em In
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  Let 'Em In (5:11)
A2.  We All Got A Mission (3:35)
A3.  How Good Is Your Game (4:08)
A4.  Love Won't Come Easy (4:15)
B1.  Without You (3:16)
B2.  Word Sure Gets Around (4:30)
B3.  I Trust You (4:20)
B4.  I Think I'll Stay Home Today (6:19)
Ano: 1977
Título: Only The Strong Survive
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  Only The Strong Survive (5:38)
A2.  Takin' It To The Streets (4:52)
A3.  Sooner Or Later (5:36)
A4.  One Man's Junk (3:17)
B1.  Everybody's Breakin' Up (5:05)
B2.  The Times Of Our Lives (5:04)
B3.  Don't Give Up On Us (5:38)
B4.  Where I Belong (4:07)
Ano: 1979
Título: First Class
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records
Formato: LP
A1.  False Faces (4:38)
A2.  Bring The Family Back (5:00)
A3.  Game Of Life (3:52)
A4.  It's Critical (3:51)
A5.  Thank You (For This Blessing) (2:57)
B1.  What A Way To Love (4:21)
B2.  So Glad To See You Again (4:43)
B3.  Treasure Of My Life (4:38)
B4.  I Gotta Put This Life Down (4:41)
Ano: 1985
Título: Lately
Gravadora: Total Experience
Formato: LP
A1.  Fire In Her Love (4:21)
A2.  Sexual Therapy (4:35)
A3.  Lately (3:58)
A4.  Search No More (3:40)
A5.  I Only Have Eyes For You (4:21)
B1.  Hot Date (4:15)
B2.  Get Down To Lovin' (4:31)
B3.  Let Me In (3:50)
B4.  Me And You (4:21)
B5.  On A Clear Day (4:25)
Ano: 1988
Título: Wide Open
Gravadora: Ichiban
Formato: LP
A1.  Dirty Laundry (4:33)
A2.  I'd Rather Be Alone (4:02)
A3.  I Just Love You So Much (5:33)
A4.  Wide Open (4:31)
B1.  This May Be The Love (4:40)
B2.  We Could Have Been (3:53)
B3.  Love Ain't Easy (4:48)
B4.  Here To Eternity (5:52)