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domingo, 5 de junho de 2016

Club Noventa (19:00)

01 - The Flood
Right here right now
(Original Boy Racers Club Mix) 1995
02 - Marc Anthony
I need to know
(Pablo's Flores Miami Mix) 1999
03 - Club 69 Featuring Suzanne Palmer
(Future Shock Club Mix) 1998
04 - Pet Shop Boys
I don't know what you want but i can't give it any more
(Thee Maddkatt Courtship 80 Witness Mix) 1999
05 - Destiny's Child
Bills bills bills
(Digital Black N Groove Club Mix) 1999
06 - House Of Prince Featuring Oezlem
Perfect love
(Latin Love Mix) 1997
07 - LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones)
(Sex you up) The way you like it
(Lenny B Club Mix Vocal) 1998
08 - Jennifer Lopez
If you had my love
(Metro Remix) 1999
09 - Rozalla
Don't go lose it baby
(Club Mix) 1998
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