Discografia: The Temptations

Ano: 1964
Título: Meet The Temptations 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  The Way You Do The Things You Do (2:43) 
A2.  I Want A Love I Can See (2:30) 
A3.  Dream Come True (2:54) 
A4.  Paradise (2:49) 
A5.  May I Have This Dance (2:10)
B1.  Just Let Me Know (2:54) 
B2.  Your Wonderful Love (2:49) 
B3.  The Further You Look, The Less You See (2:19) 
B4.  Check Yourself (2:45) 
B5.  Slow Down Heart (2:33) 
B6.  Farewell, My Love (2:24)

Ano: 1965
Título: The Temptations Sing Smokey 
Formato: LP
A1.  The Way You Do The Things You Do (2:35)
A2.  Baby, Baby I Need You (2:33)
A3.  My Girl (2:53)
A4.  What Love Has Joined Together (2:55)
A5.  You'll Lose A Precious Love (2:25)
A6.  It's Growing (2:37)
B1.  Who's Lovin' You (2:55)
B2.  What's So Good About Goodbye (2:36)
B3.  You Beat Me To The Punch (2:43)
B4.  Way Over There (3:00)
B5.  You've Really Got A Hold On Me (2:58)
B6.  (You Can) Depend On Me (2:31)

Ano: 1965
Título: The Temptin' Temptations 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Since I Lost My Baby (2:51)
A2.  The Girl's Alright with Me (2:49)
A3.  Just Another Lonely Night (2:58)
A4.  My Baby (3:00)
A5.  You've Got to Earn It (2:35)
A6.  Everybody Needs Love (2:55)
B1.  Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) (2:17)
B2.  Don't Look Back (2:50)
B3.  I Gotta Know Now (2:34)
B4.  Born to Love You (2:36)
B5.  I'll Be in Trouble (2:54)
B6.  You're the One I Need (2:23)

Ano: 1966
Título: Gettin' Ready 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Say You (2:30)
A2.  Little Miss Sweetness (3:10)
A3.  Aint Too Proud To Beg (2:33)
A4.  Get Ready (2:41)
A5.  Lonely,Lonely Man Am I (2:34)
A6.  Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (2:38)

B1.  I've Been Good Too You (3:01)
B2.  It's A Lonely World Without Your Love (2:33) 
B3.  Fading Away (2:37)
B4.  Who You Gonna Run To (3:07)
B5.  You're Not An Odinary Girl (2:51)
B6.  Not Now, I'll Tell You Later (2:54)

Ano: 1967
Título: Live 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Introduction (1:09)
A2.  Medley (Girl Why You Wanna Make Me Blue / The Girl's Alright With Me
        / I'll Be In Trouble / I Want A Love I Can See) (4:48)
A3.  What Love Has Joined Together (3:01)
A4.  My Girl (3:08)
A5.  Yesterday/What Now My Love (4:51)
A6.  Beauty Is Only Skin Deep (2:24)
A7.  Group Introduction (0:49)
A8.  I Wish You Love (1:53)
A9.  Ain't Too Proud To Beg (2:57)
B1.  Old Man River (4:45)
B2.  Get Ready (2:11)
B3.  Fading Away (1:56)
B4.  My Baby (2:11)
B5.  You'll Lose A Precious Love (2:51)
B6.  Baby, Baby I Need You (1:50)
B7.  Don't Look Back (7:06)

Ano: 1967
Título: With A Lot O' Soul 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  (I Know) I'm Losing You (2:26) 
A2.  Ain't No Sun Since You've Been Gone (2:59) 
A3.  All I Need (2:59) 
A4.  (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need (2:36) 
A5.  No More Water In The Well (2:55) 
A6.  Save My Love For A Rainy Day (2:55) 

B1.  Just One Last Look (2:43) 
B2.  Sorry Is A Sorry Word (2:26) 
B3.  You're My Everything (2:58) 
B4.  Now That You've Won Me (2:57) 
B5.  Two Sides To Love (2:46) 
B6.  Don't Send Me Away (2:56) 

Ano: 1967
Título: In A Mellow Mood 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Hello, Young Lovers (2:57)
A2.  A Taste Of Honey (2:04)
A3.  For Once In My Life (3:04)
A4.  Somewhere (4:11)
A5.  Ol' Man River (4:24)
A6.  I'm Ready For Love (2:20)
B1.  Try To Remember (3:01)
B2.  Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) (3:22)
B3.  What Now My Love (3:35)
B4.  That's Life (2:57)
B5.  With These Hands (3:37)
B6.  The Impossible Dream (3:21)

Ano: 1968
Título: Live At The Copa 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Introduction (1:44)
A2.  Get Ready (2:37)
A3.  You're My Everything (3:12)
A4.  I Truly, Truly Believe (2:48)
A5.  I Wish It Would Rain (2:46)
A6.  For Once In My Life (3:05)
A7.  I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You) (3:38)

B1.  Introduction Of Band And Group (2:18)
B2.  Hello Young Lovers (3:00)
B3.  With These Hands (3:43)
B4.  Swanee (4:51)
B5.  The Impossible Dream (3:18)
B6.  Please Return Your Love To Me (2:23)
B7.  (I Know) I'm Losing You (2:26)

Ano: 1968
Título: Wish It Would Rain 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You) (3:35)
A2.  Cindy (3:07)
A3.  I Wish It Would Rain (2:45)
A4.  Plese Return Your Love To Me (2:25)
A5.  Fan The Flame (2:43)
A6.  He Who Picks A Rose (2:27)

B1.  Why Did You Leave Me Darling (2:11)
B2.  I Truly, Truly Believe (2:43)
B3.  This Is My Beloved (2:13)
B4.  Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got (2:46)
B5.  I've Passed This Way Before (2:43)
B6.  No Man Can Love Her Like I Do (2:15)

Ano: 1968
Título: Diana Ross And The Supremes Join The Temptations 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Try It Baby (3:41)
A2.  I Second That Emotion (2:28)
A3.  Ain't No Mountain High Enough (2:16)
A4.  I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (3:05)
A5.  This Guy's In Love With You (3:46)
A6.  Funky Broadway (2:32)

B1.  I'll Try Something New (2:18)
B2.  A Place In The Sun (3:28)
B3.  Sweet Inspiration (2:54)
B4.  Then (2:15)
B5.  The Impossible Dream (4:45)

Ano: 1969
Título: Cloud Nine
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Cloud Nine (3:27) 
A2.  I Heard It Through The Grapevine (3:00) 
A3.  Run Away Child, Running Wild (9:38)
B1.  Love Is A Hurtin' Thing (2:28) 
B2.  Hey Girl (2:38) 
B3.  Why Did She Have To Leave Me (Why Did She Have To Go) (2:56) 
B4.  I Need Your Lovin' (2:35) 
B5.  Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me (2:31) 
B6.  I Gotta Find A Way (To Get You Back) (2:56) 
B7.  Gonna Keep On Tryin' Till I Win Your Love (2:32) 

Ano: 1969
Título: Puzzle People 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  I Can't Get Next To You (2:52)
A2.  Hey Jude (3:30)
A3.  Don't Let The Joneses Get You Down (4:43)
A4.  Message From A Black Man (5:50)
A5.  It's Your Thing (3:00)
B1.  Little Green Apples (3:40)
B2.  You Don't Love Me No More (2:35)
B3.  Since I've Lost You (2:43)
B4.  Running Away (Ain't Gonna Help You) (2:46)
B5.  That's The Way Love Is (3:10)
B6.  Slave (7:20)

Ano: 1969
Título: The Temptations Show 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Opening - Get Ready (2:43) 
A2.  Medley: Girl (Why You Wanna' Make Me Blue) / Beauty Is Only Skin Deep 
        / You're My Everything / My Girl / Ain't Too Proud To Beg (5:05) 
A3.  Temptations Introduction (0:35) 
A4.  I've Got To Be Me (2:33) 
A5.  Cloud Nine (3:07) 
A6.  For Once In My Life (2:55) 
A7.  Try It Baby (2:40) 
A8.  When I Lay My Burdens Down (6:12) 

B1.  Medley: The Best Things In Life Are Free / Life (2:03) 
B2.  Monologue And Medley: Ol' Man River / Swanee / Old Folks (5:11) 
B3.  Comedy Routine: Hello Young Lovers / Cloud Nine / If I Didn't Care (5:09) 
B4.  Runaway Child, Running Wild (3:04) 
B5.  Finale: Somebody's Keepin' Score (3:25)

Ano: 1970
Título: Psychedelic Shack 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Psychedelic Shack (3:51)
A2.  You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth (2:46) 
A3.  Hum Along and Dance (3:53) 
A4.  Take a Stroll Thru Your Mind (8:37) 

B1.  It's Summer (2:36) 
B2.  War (3:11) 
B3.  You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You) (3:58) 
B4.  Friendship Train (7:49) 

Ano: 1970
Título: Christmas Card 
Gravadora: Gordy 
Formato: LP
A1.  Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (2:40)
A2.  My Christmas Tree (3:05)
A3.  Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (3:15)
A4.  Silent Night (2:22)
A5.  Someday At Christmas (3:15)
B1.  White Christmas (4:22)
B2.  Let It Snow (3:25)
B3.  Silver Bells (2:11)
B4.  The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) (3:30)
B5.  The Little Drummer Boy (3:15)

Ano: 1971
Título: Sky's The Limit 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Gonna Keep On Tryin' Till I Win Your Love (3:50)
A2.  Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (3:39)
A3.  I'm The Exception To The Rule (3:20)
A4.  Smiling Faces Sometimes (12:35)
B1.  Man (2:37)
B2.  Throw A Farewell (3:25)
B3.  Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World) (4:30)
B4.  Love Can Be Anything (Can't Nothing Be Love But Love) (9:20)

Ano: 1971
Título: Solid Rock 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Take A Look Around (2:46)
A2.  Ain't No Sunshine (7:10)
A3.  Stop The War Now (12:20)
B1.  What It Is (5:07)
B2.  Smooth Sailing From Now On (2:47)
B3.  Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are) (2:56)
B4.  It's Summer (2:56)
B5.  The End Of Our Road (2:46)

Ano: 1972
Título: All Directions 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On (3:11)
A2.  Run Charlie Run (3:12)
A3.  Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (11:53)
B1.  Love Woke Me Up This Morning (2:30)
B2.  I Ain't Got Nothin' (3:43)
B3.  The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face) (3:07)
B4.  Mother Nature (3:06)
B5.  Do Your Thing (3:44)

Ano: 1973
Título: Masterpiece 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Hey Girl (I Like Your Style) (4:36) 
A2.  Masterpiece (13:49) 

B1.  Ma (4:46) 
B2.  Law of the Land (5:08) 
B3.  Plastic Man (5:53) 
B4.  Hurry Tomorrow (8:06) 

Ano: 1973
Título: 1990
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Let Your Hair Down (2:45)
A2.  I Need You (3:05)
A3.  Heavenly (4:01)
A4.  You've Got My Soul On Fire (3:59)
A5.  Ain't No Justice (5:50)
B1.  1990 (4:06)
B2.  Zoom (13:45)

Ano: 1975
Título: A Song For You 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Happy People (3:32)
A2.  Glasshouse (3:53)
A3.  Shakey Ground (3:58)
A4.  The Prophet (4:20)
A5.  Happy People (Instrumental) (2:52)
B1.  A Song For You (4:32)
B2.  Memories (5:53)
B3.  I'm A Bachelor (4:13)
B4.  Firefly (3:56)

Ano: 1975
Título: House Party 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Keep Holding On (3:55)
A2.  It´s Just A Matter Of Tim (3:31)
A3.  You Can´t Stop A Man In Love (3:50)
A4.  World Of You, Love And Music (4:04)
A5.  What You Need Most (I Do Best Of All) (3:19)
B1.  Ways Of A Grown Up Man (4:05)
B2.  Johnny Porter (4:39)
B3.  Darling, Stand By Me (Song For My Woman) (3:44)
B4.  If I Don´t Love You This Way (3:31)

Ano: 1975
Título: Live In Japan 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Plastic Man (3:06)
A2.  I Can't Get Next To You (1:54)
A3.  Love Woke Me Up This Morning (4:01)
A4.  Medley: Get Ready & My Girl (3:29)
A5.  The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face) (6:15)
A6.  Hey Girl (I Like Your Style) (4:20)
B1.  Introduction of Band & Group (3:28)
B2.  A Song For You (5:20)
B3.  Masterpiece (2:31)
B4.  Just My Imagination (4:24)
B5.  Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (7:23)

Ano: 1976
Título: Wings Of Love 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Sweet Gypsy Jane (4:28) 
A2.  Sweetness In The Dark (3:06) 
A3.  Up The Creek (Without A Paddle) (3:28) 
A4.  China Doll (3:26) 

B1.  Mary Ann (7:41) 
B2.  Dream World (Wings Of Love) (5:38) 
B3.  Paradise (3:26)

Ano: 1976
Título: Do The Temptations 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Why Can't You And Me Get Together (4:52)
A2.  Who Are You (And What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life) (4:29)
A3.  I'm On Fire (Body Song) (4:25)
A4.  Put Your Trust In Me Baby (3:56)
B1.  There Is No Stopping (Til We Set The Whole World Rockin') (5:00)
B2.  Let Me Count The Ways (I Love You) (3:54)
B3.  Is There Anybody Else (4:54)
B4.  I'll Take You In (5:00)

Ano: 1977
Título: Here To Tempt You 
Gravadora: Atlantic
Formato: LP
A1.  Think For Yourself (4:55)
A2.  In A Lifetime (3:14)
A3.  Can We Come And Share In Love (6:10)
A4.  She's All I've Got (4:52)
B1.  Snake In The Grass (5:26)
B2.  It's Time For Love (4:26)
B3.  Let's Live In Peace (4:13)
B4.  Read Between The Lines (3:17)
B5.  I Could Never Stop Loving You (3:20)

Ano: 1978
Título: Bare Back 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Mystic Woman (Love Me Over) (3:57)
A2.  I Just Don't Know How To Let You Go (3:31)
A3.  That's When You Need Love (3:44)
A4.  Bare Back (3:34)
A5.  Ever Ready Love (4:15)
B1.  Wake Up To Me (4:17)
B2.  You're So Easy To Love (3:29)
B3.  I See My Child (4:11)
B4.  Touch Me Again (3:34)

Ano: 1980
Título: Power 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Power (6:06) 
A2.  Struck By Lightning Twice (4:13) 
A3.  Isn't The Night Fantastic (4:15) 
A4.  How Can I Resist Your Love (3:53) 
B1.  Shadow Of Your Love (4:38) 
B2.  Can't You See Sweet Thing (6:07) 
B3.  Go For It (4:22) 
B4.  I'm Coming Home (4:08) 

Ano: 1980
Título: Give Love At Christmas 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Give Love On Christmas Day (3:37)
A2.  Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) (5:11)
A3.  Love Comes With Christmas (3:46)
A4.  Little Drummer Boy (4:14)

B1.  This Christmas (4:26)
B2.  Everything For Christmas (4:14)
B3.  Christmas Everyday (2:53)
B4.  Silent Night (6:04)

Ano: 1981
Título: The Temptations 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Aiming At Your Heart (5:58)
A2.  Evil Woman (Gonna Take Your Love) (3:20)
A3.  The Best Of Both Worlds (3:41)
A4.  Ready Willing And Able (3:25)
A5.  Open Their Eyes (4:14)
B1.  Oh What A Night (4:03)
B2.  The Life Of A Cowboy (3:33)
B3.  Just Ain't Havin' Fun (4:06)
B4.  What Else (4:11)
B5.  Your Lovin' Is Magic (4:05)

Ano: 1982
Título: Reunion 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Standing On The Top (9:50) 
A2.  You Better Beware (5:00) 
A3.  Lock It In The Pocket (4:29) 

B1.  I've Never Been To Me (5:56) 
B2.  Backstage (4:29) 
B3.  More On The Inside (3:49) 
B4.  Money's Hard To Get (4:42)

Ano: 1983
Título: Surface Thrills 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Surface Thrills (4:30) 
A2.  Love On My Mind Tonight (4:57) 
A3.  One Man Woman (5:13) 
A4.  Show Me Your Love (4:02) 

B1.  The Seeker (4:30) 
B2.  What A Way To Put It (4:57) 
B3.  Bring Your Body Here (Exercise Chant) (5:13) 
B4.  Made In America (3:58)

Ano: 1983
Título: Back To Basics 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Miss Busy Body (Get Our Body Busy) (4:56) 
A2.  Sail Away (5:24) 
A3.  Outlaw (4:24) 
A4.  Stop The World Right Here (I Wanna Get Off) (6:30) 

B1.  The Battle Song (I'm The One) (5:20) 
B2.  Hollywood (3:56) 
B3.  Isn't The Night Fantastic (4:56) 
B4.  Make Me Believe In Love Again (6:12) 

Ano: 1984
Título: Truly For You 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Running (3:28) 
A2.  Treat Her Like A Lady (4:40) 
A3.  How Can You Say That It's Over (6:05) 
A4.  My Love Is True (Truly For You) (6:08) 

B1.  Memories (4:39) 
B2.  Just To Keep You In My Life (4:23) 
B3.  Set Your Love Right (5:09) 
B4.  I'll Keep My Light In My Window (4:30)

Ano: 1985
Título: Touch Me 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Magic (5:14)
A2.  Givehersomeattention (4:08)
A3.  Deeper Than Love (3:58)
A4.  I'm Fascinated (4:05)
A5.  Touch Me (4:59)
B1.  Don't Break Your Promise To Me (5:00)
B2.  She Got Tired Of Loving Me (4:32)
B3.  Do You Really Love Your Baby (4:45)
B4.  Oh Lover (4:52)

Ano: 1986
Título: To Be Continued 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Lady Soul (5:06) 
A2.  Message To The World (4:22) 
A3.  To Be Continued (5:00) 
A4.  Put Us Together Again (3:50) 
A5.  Someone (4:36)
B1.  Girl (They Like It) (4:36) 
B2.  Moe Love,Your Love (4:20) 
B3.  A Fine Mess (4:05) 
B4.  You're The One (4:38) 
B5.  Love Me Right (4:20)

Ano: 1987
Título: Together Again 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: LP
A1.  Look What You Started (5:09)
A2.  I Wonder Who's She Seeing Now (5:03)
A3.  10 * 10 (4:52)
A4.  Do You Wanna Go With Me (5:28)
B1.  Little Things (4:07)
B2.  I Got Your Number (4:21)
B3.  Every Time I Close My Eyes (4:25)
B4.  Lucky (3:20)
B5.  Put Your Foot Down (3:56)

Ano: 1989
Título: Special 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  Friends (4:50) 
A2.  Special (4:27) 
A3.  All I Want FromYou (5:29) 
A4.  She's Better Than Money (4:25) 
A5.  One Step At A Time (5:07)
B1.  Fill Me Up (4:15) 
B2.  Go Ahead (6:34) 
B3.  Loveline (3:37) 
B4.  Soul To Soul (5:13) 

Ano: 1991
Título: Milestone 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: CD
01.  Eenie, Meenie, Miinie, Moe (4:05) 
02.  Any Old Lovin' (Just Won't Do) (4:17) 
03.  Hoops of Fire (5:28) 
04.  We Should Be Makin' Love (4:08) 
05.  The Jones' (4:28) 
06.  Get Ready (4:29) 
07.  Corner of My Heart (4:05) 
08.  Whenever You're Ready (5:10) 
09.  Do It Easy (4:48) 
10.  Wait a Minute (5:10) 
11.  Celebrate (5:57) 

Ano: 1995
Título: For Lovers Only 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: CD
01.  Some Enchanted Evening (5:28)
02.  I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (5:49)
03.  At Last (4:44)
04.  Night And Day (3:53)
05.  Time After Time (4:59)
06.  Melvin's Interlude (1:29)
07.  Life Is But A Dream (4:26)
08.  What A Difference A Day Makes (6:17)
09.  I'm Glad There Is You (5:17)
10.  South Shell Interlude (2:41)
11.  That's Why (I Love You So) (4:42)
12.  Medley: For Your Love / You Send Me (5:07)

Ano: 1998
Título: Phoenix Rising 
Gravadora: Motown
Formato: CD
01.  Here After (Interlude) (0:44)
02.  Stay (4:45)
03.  False Faces (5:31)
04.  How Could He Hurt You (4:52)
05.  I'm Calling You (Interlude) (1:26)
06.  This Is My Promise (7:20)
07.  My Love (4:20)
08.  Tempt Me (5:05)
09.  If I Give You My Heart (4:34)
10.  Take Me In Your Arms (3:58)
11.  That's What Friends Are For (5:51)
12.  Just Like I Told You (4:47)
13.  Stay (Remix) (4:03)

Ano: 2000
Título: Ear Resistible 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: CD
01.  I'll Just Go Crazy – Intro (0:33) 
02.  I'm Here (4:22) 
03.  Your Love (4:47) 
04.  Elevator Eyes (3:51) 
05.  Selfish Reasons (4:48) 
06.  Kiss Me Like You Miss Me (4:40) 
07.  Party (4:06) 
08.  It's Alright To Be Wrong (4:21) 
09.  Proven & True (5:27) 
10.  Got To Get on The Road (4:53) 
11.  I'll Just Go Crazy (4:32) 
12.  A Little Bit Lonely (4:30) 
13.  One Love, One World – Interlude (1:38) 
14.  Error Of Our Ways (5:18) 

Ano: 2001
Título: Awesome 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: CD
01.  Awesome Intro (0:58)
02.  Hurt So Bad (3:56)
03.  4 Days (4:07)
04.  Lady (4:49)
05.  Forget About It (4:23)
06.  Awesome (3:39)
07.  Raceforyourheart (4:22)
08.  Swept Away (4:47)
09.  My Baby (4:20)
10.  Open Letter, My One Temptation Interlude (1:05)
11.  So Easy (5:44)
12.  A Love I Can See (5:46)
13.  That's How Heartaches Are Made (4:46)
14.  I Feel Good (4:05)

Ano: 2004
Título: Legacy 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: CD
01.  Still Tempting (4:34)
02.  'Round Here (3:59)
03.  Stay Together (4:29)
04.  Somethin' Special (4:45)
05.  Fifty Fifty Love (3:43)
06.  Love to the Music (4:48)
07.  You Are Necessary in My Life (The Wedding Song) (6:35)
08.  Mr. Fix It (4:46)
09.  All the Wrong People (4:45)
10.  Baby It's Me (5:17)
11.  Why Can't We Be Lovin' Friends (5:53)
12.  Never Let You Down (7:00)

Ano: 2006
Título: Reflections 
Gravadora: New Door Records 
Formato: CD
01.  Can I Get A Witness (5:19)
02.  Reflections (4:07)
03.  How Sweet Is It To Be Loved By You (3:37)
04.  Don't Leave Me This Way (3:15)
05.  This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) (4:55)
06.  Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (4:10)
07.  I Hear A Symphony (2:49)
08.  Try It Baby (3:32)
09.  Ain't No Mountain High Enough (4:11)
10.  Ooo Baby Baby (3:45)
11.  What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted (4:03)
12.  Never Can Say Goodbye (4:54)
13.  I'll Be There (4:59)
14.  Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye) (4:36)
15.  Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand) (4:26)

Ano: 2007
Título: Back To Front 
Gravadora: New Door Records 
Formato: CD
01.  Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (4:25)
02.  Hold On, I'm Comin' (3:03)
03.  Wake Up Everybody (5:45)
04.  Minute By Minutem (4:42)
05.  I'm In Love (3:17)
06.  Don't Ask My Neighbors (4:37)
07.  Love Ballad (4:41)
08.  Let It Be Me (4:55)
09.  How Deep Is Your Love (4:28)
10. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again (4:25)
11.  Respect Yourself  (4:41)

Ano: 2010
Título: Still Here 
Gravadora: UMe 
Formato: CD
01.  Still Here (Prelude) (0:30)
02.  Change Has Come (3:21)
03.  One Of A Kind Lady (4:18)
04.  Let Me Catch Your Diamonds (3:53)
05.  Hold Me (5:03)
06.  Warm Summer Nights (5:49)
07.  First Kiss (4:13)
08.  Shawtyismygirlooyeah (5:12)
09.  Still Here With Me (4:15)
10.  Soul Music (4:26)
11.  Woman (5:30)
12.  Listen Up (6:05)
13.  Going Back Home (4:04)
14.  Still Here (Reprise) (0:34)

Ano: 2018
Título: All The Time 
Gravadora: UMe
Formato: CD
01.  Stay With Me (3:41)
02.  Earned It (4:52)
03.  Pretty Wings (4:11)
04.  Thinking Out Loud (5:10)
05.  Waitin' On You (4:01)
06.  Remember The Time (3:34)
07.  Be My Wife (3:58)
08.  Still Feel Like Your Man (3:48)
09.  When I Was Your Man (3:29)
10.  Move Them Britches (3:23)

Ano: 2022
Título: Temptations 60 
Gravadora: Universal
Formato: CD
01.  Let It Reign (2:43) Featuring K Sparks
02.  When We Were Kings (4:51)
03.  Is It Going To Be Yes Or No (4:11) Featuring Smokey Robinson
04.  Time For The People (5:25)
05.  Elevator Eyes (4:07)
06.  My Whole World Stopped Without You (4:04)
07.  You Don't Know Your Woman (Like I Do) (4:00)
08.  How Do You Spell Love (4:10)
09.  Calling Out Your Name (5:34)
10.  I Want It Right Now (4:21)
11.  Breaking My Back (4:04)
12.  Come On (6:17)