Discografia: Thelma Houston

1969 - Sunshower (Motown) A1.  Sunshower (From "His Own Dark City") (3:19)
A2.  Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon (4:15)
A3.  To Make It Easier On You (4:43)
A4.  Didn't We (3:07)
A5.  Mixed-Up Girl (4:15)
A6.  Someone Is Standing Outside (3:30)

B1.  Jumpin' Jack Flash (3:23)
B2.  This Is Where I Came In (3:12)
B3.  Pocketful Of Keys (3:00)
B4.  This Is Your Life (3:46)
B5.  Cheap Lovin' (3:30)
B6.  If This Was The Last Song (3:18)

1972 - Thelma Houston (Motown) A1.  What If (2:58)
A2.  There's No Such Thing As Love (3:00)
A3.  Me And Bobby McGee (3:01)
A4.  I'm Letting Go (3:40)
A5.  Do Something About It (2:27)

B1.  There Is A God (4:57)
B2.  Black California (3:00)
B3.  And I Never Did (3:00)
B4.  Blackberries (3:07)
B5.  And I Thought You Loved Me (2:45)

1975 - Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker - I've Got The Music In Me (Sheffield Lab) A1.  I've Got The Music In Me (2:36)
A2.  Reggae Tune (3:16)
A3.  To Know You Is To Love You (3:50)
A4.  Pressure Cooker (4:18)

B1.  Don't Misundertstand (3:14)
B2.  Step In Time (3:18)
B3.  Dish Rag (3:28)
B4.  Got To Get You Into My Life (4:12)

1976 - Any Way You Like It (Motown) A1.  Any Way You Like It (6:13)
A2.  Don't Leave Me This Way (5:39)
A3.  Don't Know Why I Love You (5:04)

B1.  Come To Me (4:09)
B2.  Don't Make Me Pay (For Another Girl's Mistake) (3:56)
B3.  Sharing Something Perfect Between Ourselves (3:48)
B4.  If It's The Last Thing I Do (3:06)
B5.  Differently (3:49)

1977 - The Devil In Me (Motown) A1.  I'm Here Again (6:31)
A2.  It's Just Me Feeling Good (4:23)
A3.  I Can't Go On Living Without Your Love (4:32)
A4.  Triflin' (4:01)

B1.  Give Me Something To Believe In (3:59)
B2.  Memories (4:12)
B3.  I've Got The Devil In Me (6:26)
B4.  Baby, I Love You Too Much (2:52)
B5.  Your Eyes (3:11)

1977 - Thelma Houston And Jerry Butler – Thelma And Jerry (Motown) A1.  Only The Beginning (5:05)
A2.  And You've Got Me (4:12)
A3.  It's A Lifetime Thing (4:11)
A4.  Medley: If You Leave Me Now / Love So Right (5:04)

B1.  I Love You Through Windows (3:43)
B2.  Joy INside My Tears (4:08)
B3.  Sweet Love I've Found (3:23)
B4.  (Play The Game Of) Let's Pretend (3:24)
B5.  Let's Get Together (3:04)

1978 - Thelma Houston And Jerry Butler – Two To One (Motown) A1.  If It Would Never End (4:47)
A2.  Find A Way (3:37)
A3.  We Owe It To Ourselves (3:53)
A4.  I'm Not Strong Enough (To Love You Again) (3:24)

B1.  Never Gonna Get Enough (3:31)
B2.  Don't Pity Me (3:27)
B3.  Chicago Send Her Home (4:03)
B4.  You Gave Me Love (4:26)

1978 - Ready To Roll (Motown) A1.  Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (3:56)
A2.  Love Is Comin' On (6:13)
A3.  I Wanna Start My Life All Over Again (5:01)
A4.  Midnight Mona (4:22)

B1.  Pardon Me (2:53)
B2.  Everybody's Got A Story (4:04)
B3.  Strange (4:36)
B4.  Am I Expecting Too Much (3:39)
B5.  Can't We Try (3:41)

1979 - Ride To The Rainbow (Motown) A1.  Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (6:19)
A2.  I Wanna Be Back In Love Again (3:49)
A3.  Love Machine (7:39)

B1.  Imaginary Paradise (3:42)
B2.  Just A Little Piece Of You (3:43)
B3.  Ride To The Rainbow (3:46)
B4.  Paying For It With My Heart (3:54)
B5.  Give It To Me (3:43)

1980 - Breakwater Cat (RCA) A1.  Breakwater Cat (3:55)
A2.  Long Lasting Love (5:30)
A3.  Before There Could Be Me (3:12)
A4.  Gone (3:43)
A5.  What Was That Song (4:19)

B1.  Suspicious Minds (4:15)
B2.  Down The Backstairs Of My Life (3:00)
B3.  Understand Your Man (3:27)
B4.  Lost And Found (4:20)
B5.  Something We May Never Know (3:38)

1981 - Never Gonna Be Another One (RCA) A1.  Never Give You Up (4:49)
A2.  Too Many Teardrops (4:00)
A3.  96 Tears (3:27)
A4.  There's No Runnin' Away From Love (3:46)

B1.  Never Gonna Be Another One (2:58)
B2.  If You Feel It (4:45)
B3.  Don't Make Me Over (3:44)
B4.  Hollywood (3:21)

1982 - Reachin’ All Around (Motown) A1.  You Never Were My Friend (4:01)
A2.  Reachin' All Around My Love (3:10)
A3.  I Can't Go Home Again (3:24)
A4.  Lies (3:21)
A5.  Don't Wonder Why (3:38)

B1.  I Never Took No For An Answer (3:43)
B2.  Rhythm Of Love (4:15)
B3.  (I've Given You) The Best Years Of My Life (3:34)
B4.  Little Bit Of Heaven And A Little Bit Of Hell (2:52)
B5.  Medley (5:33)
B5a. Stormy Weather
B5b. I Can't Stand The Rain

1983 - Thelma Houston (MCA) A1.  Make It Last (4:44)
A2.  Say Goodbye To Love (3:58)
A3.  Running In Circles (3:48)
A4.  What For (4:50)
A5.  Givin It All (3:30)

B1.  Standing In The Light (3:41)
B2.  Take Me Through Your Lifetime (4:02)
B3.  Just Like All The Rest (4:10)
B4.  Handome Dudes (4:18)
B5.  Working Girl (4:53)

1984 - Qualifying Heat (MCA) A1.  (I Guess) It Must Be Love (7:20)
A2.  You Used To Hold Me So Tight (5:42)
A3.  Fantasy And Heartbreak (5:04)
A4.  I'd Rather Spend The Bad Times With You Than Spend The Good Times With Someone New (6:00)

B1.  Shake You (4:04)
B2.  Generate Love (4:34)
B3.  Love Is A Dangerous Game (4:09)
B4.  What A Woman Feels Inside (4:19)

1990 - Throw You Down (Reprise) A1.  What He Has (4:25)
A2.  You Can Float On My Boat (3:56)
A3.  Throw You Down (3:51)
A4.  A Man Who Isn't So Smooth (4:06)
A5.  High (4:45)

B1.  Serious (4:52)
B2.  Short Life (4:44)
B3.  Got To Be Yourself (3:53)
B4.  I Won't Forget (4:34)
B5.  Out Of My Hands (4:22)

2007 - A Woman’s Touch (Shout Factory) 1.  Wake Up Everybody (4:46)
2.  Never Too Much (5:38)
3.  Brand New Day (5:43)
4.  Ain't That Peculiar (4:09)
5.  By The Time I Get To Phoenix (7:00)
6.  Distant Lover (4:35)
7.  Love And Happiness (4:39)
8.  Dance (Disco Heat) / You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (5:37)
9.  That's The Way Of The World (5:51)
10. Please Send Me Someone To Love (3:31)