Discografia: The Three Degrees

1970 – Maybe (Roulette) A1.  Collage (2:59)
A2.  You're The One (3:23)
A3.  Sugar On Sunday (3:23)
A4.  Maybe (5:37)
A5.  You're The Fool (2:50)

B1.  McArthur Park (6:43)
B2.  Rosegarden (2:40)
B3.  Stardust (4:08)
B4.  Lonely Town (2:50)
B5.  The Magic Door (2:20)

1973 – The Three Degrees (Philadelphia) A1.  Dirty Ol' Man (4:33)
A2.  Can't You See What You're Doing To Me (2:31)
A3.  A Woman Needs A Good Man (4:19)
A4.  When Will I See You Again (2:58)

B1.  I Didn't Know (2:50)
B2.  I Like Being A Woman (3:56)
B3.  If And When (7:07)
B4.  Year Of Decision (2:42)

1975 – International (Philadelphia) A1.  Another Heartache (4:21)
A2.  Take Good Care Of Yourself (3:26)
A3.  Get Your Love Back (3:25)
A4.  Lonelier Are Fools (4:05)
A5.  Distant Lover (4:04)

B1.  Together (4:35)
B2.  Long Lost Lover (2:58)
B3.  Here I Am (3:58)
B4.  TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (3:45)
B5.  Loving Cup (3:09)

1975 – So Much Love (Roulette) A1.  Magic Mirror (3:13)
A2.  Trade Winds (3:54)
A3.  Love The One You're With (3:40)
A4.  I Do Take You (3:07)
A5.  Who Is She (And What Is She To You) (3:15)

B1.  There's So Much Love All Around Me (2:37)
B2.  Ebb Tide (3:15)
B3.  Caught Between Two Fires (3:08)
B4.  Maybe (5:37)
B5.  If You Must Leave My Life (3:09)

1975 – The Three Degrees Live (Philadelphia) A1.  TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) (3:48)
A2.  Free Ride (2:41)
A3.  Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (4:35)
A4.  Year Of Decision (3:23)
A5.  Living For The City / For The Love Of Money (8:40)

B1.  When Will I See You Again (3:05)
B2.  Dirty Ol' Man (6:01)
B3.  Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon (4:18)
B4.  Harlem (3:20)

1977 – Standing Up For Love (Epic) A1.  Standing up for love (5:15)
A2.  What i did for love (3:41)
A3.  Just leave me alone (5:41)
A4.  Macaroni man (3:42)
A5.  Gee baby (im sorry) (2:54)

B1.  People with feeling (4:41)
B2.  In love we grow (3:57)
B3.  We're all alone (3:41)
B4.  Standing up for love (2:29)

1978 – New Dimensions (Ariola) A1.  Giving Up, Giving In (6:07)
A2.  Falling In Love Again (5:34)
A3.  Looking For Love (5:26)

B1.  The Runner (6:18)
B2.  Woman In Love (5:16)
B3.  Magic In The Air (5:45)

1979 – 3D (Ariola) A1.  Jump The Gun (6:05)
A2.  Red Light (5:42)
A3.  Set Me Free (4:33)

B1.  Starlight (4:42)
B2.  My Simple Heart (4:28)
B3.  Without You (4:04)
B4.  Bodycheck (3:33)

1981 - Album Of Love (Not On Label) A1.   A Sonnet To Love (4:02)
A2.   I Only Have Eyes For You (4:09)
A3.   MacArthur Park (7:40)

B.    Fame Medley (6:18)
B1a. Fame Intro
B1b. Dirty Ol' Man
B1c. My Simple Heart
B1d. Year Of Decision
B1e. Take Good Care Of Yourself
B1f. When Will I See You Again
B1g. Fame Reprise
B2.   Only Those In Love (3:55)
B3.   Dear God (4:44)
B4.   Hard To Say I'm Sorry (3:57)

1989 – And Holding (Ichiban) A1.  Tie U Up (6:15)
A2.  Win Place Or Show (5:00)
A3.  Make It Easy On Yourself (4:46)
A4.  Lock It Up (4:12)

B1.  Vital Signs (5:36)
B2.  A Tender Lie (4:18)
B3.  After The Night Is Over (4:46)
B4.  Are You That Kind Of Guy (5:38)