Discografia: Spinners

Ano: 1967
Título: The Original Spinners 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  That's What Girls Are Made For (2:57)
A2.  I'll Always Love You (2:43)
A3.  Truly Yours (2:58)
A4.  For All We Know (2:53)
A5.  It Hurts To Be In Love (2:22)
A6.  Tomorrow May Never Come (2:27)

B1.  Sweet Thing (2:40)
B2.  I Cross My Heart (2:57)
B3.  Where Is That Girl (2:59)
B4.  Like A Good Man Should (2:15)
B5.  How Can I (2:38)
B6.  I Just Can't Help But Feel The Pain (2:35)

Ano: 1970
Título: 2nd Time Around 
Gravadora: Motown 
Formato: LP
A1.  It's A Shame (2:55)
A2.  I've Got To Find Myself A Brand New Baby (2:33)
A3.  Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music (2:55)
A4.  Bad, Bad Weather (Til You Come Home) (2:29)
A5.  Pay Them No Mind (2:59)
A6.  My Lady Love (4:24)

B1.  Souly Ghost (2:28)
B2.  O-o-h Child (3:05)
B3.  In My Diary (2:45)
B4.  My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) (3:20)
B5.  (She's Gonna Love Me) At Sundown (2:25)
B6.  Can Sing A Rainbow/ Love Is Blue (3:45)

Ano: 1973
Título: Spinners 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (3:42)
A2.  Just You And Me Baby (2:56)
A3.  Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You (4:01)
A4.  I Could Never (Repay Your Love) (6:56)
A5.  I'll Be Around (3:10)

B1.  One Of A Kind (Love Affair) (3:31)
B2.  We Belong Together (4:12)
B3.  Ghetto Child (3:47)
B4.  How Could I Let You Get Away (3:46)
B5.  Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (4:13)

Ano: 1974
Título: New And Improved 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Sitting On Top Of The World (4:42)
A2.  Smile, We Have Each Other (4:30)
A3.  Then Came You (3:59)
A4.  There's No One Like You (4:16)

B1.  Living A Little, Laughing A Little (5:03)
B2.  Sadie (5:26)
B3.  Lazy Susan (3:34)
B4.  I've Got To Make It On My Own (3:26)

Ano: 1974
Título: Mighty Love 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Since I Been Gone (4:20)
A2.  Ain't No Price On Happiness (4:05)
A3.  I'm Glad You Walked Into My Life (4:55)
A4.  I'm Coming Home (4:11)

B1.  He'll Never Love You Like I Do (3:56)
B2.  Love Has Gone Away (3:35)
B3.  Love Don't Love Nobody (7:12)
B4.  Mighty Love (4:58)

Ano: 1975
Título: Spinners Live 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: 2 LP
A1.    Fascinating Rhythm (2:34)
A2.    I've Got To Make It On My Own (4:04)
A3.    Living A Little, Laughing A Little (4:38)
A4.    One Of A Kind (Love Affair) (3:36)
A5.    Then Came You (4:01)

B1.    Sadie (7:33)
B2.    How Could I Let You Get Away (7:06)
B3.    Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (4:26)

C1.    Superstar Medley (11:31)
C1a.  It's Not Unusual
C1b.  Don't Mess With Bill
C1c.  Paper Doll
C1d.  Stop! In The Name Of Love
C1e.  If I Didn't Care
C1f.   Hound Dog
C1g.  Hello Dolly
C2.    Love Don't Love Nobody (Part 1) (4:51)

D1.    Love Don't Love Nobody (Part 2) (4:48)
D2.    Mighty Love (8:02)

Ano: 1975
Título: Pick Of The Litter 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Honest I Do (4:00)
A2.  I Don't Want To Lose You (3:42)
A3.  Love Or Leave (4:59)
A4.  Sweet Love Of Mine (4:20)

B1.  All That Glitters Ain't Gold (3:47)
B2.  You Made A Promise To Me (3:56)
B3.  Games People Play (4:41)
B4.  Just As Long As We Have Love (4:06)

Ano: 1976
Título: Happiness Is Being With The Spinners 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Now That We're Together (3:35)
A2.  You're All I Need In Life (4:28)
A3.  If You Can't Be In Love (3:52)
A4.  The Rubberband Man (7:22)

B1.  Toni My Love (3:41)
B2.  Four Hands In The Fire (4:00)
B3.  The Clown (5:08)
B4.  Wake Up Susan (3:29)

Ano: 1977
Título: Yesterday Today & Tomorrow 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Me And My Music (4:24)
A2.  I Found Love (When I Found You) (5:09)
A3.  I'm Riding Your Shadow (Down To Love) (4:14)
A4.  You're The Love Of My Life (4:12)
A5.  I Must Be Living For A Broken Heart (4:52)

B1.  Honey, I'm In Love With You (5:43)
B2.  Just To Be With You (8:23)
B3.  You're Throwing A Good Time Away (8:38)

Ano: 1977
Título: Spinners 8 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  I'm Gonna Getcha (4:25)
A2.  I'm Tired Of Giving (4:11)
A3.  Painted Magic (4:16)
A4.  You Got The Love That I Need (3:34)
A5.  Heaven On Earth (So Fine) (4:00)

B1.  Back In The Arms Of Love (4:36)
B2.  (Love Is) One Step Away (4:38)
B3.  Easy Come, Easy Go (4:26)
B4.  Baby I Need Your Love (You're The Only One) (6:00)

Ano: 1979
Título: From Here To Eternally 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  It's A Natural Affair (4:02)
A2.  Don't Let The Man Get You (5:10)
A3.  (A) Plain And Simple Love Song (5:21)
A4.  Are You Ready For Love (5:20)

B1.  I Love The Music (5:22)
B2.  One Man Wonderful Band (3:04)
B3.  If You Wanna Do A Dance (All Night) (7:05)
B4.  Once You Fall In Love (4:23)

Ano: 1979
Título: Dancin' And Lovin' 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Disco Ride (6:23)
A2.  Body Language (6:25)
A3.  Let's Boogie, Let's Dance (5:52)

B1.  Working My Way Back To You & Forgive Me Girl (6:04)
B2.  With My Eyes (6:43)
B3.  One, One, Two, Two, Boogie Woogie Avenue
       (Home Of The Boogie, House Of The Funk) (5:00)

Ano: 1980
Título: Love Trippin' 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Love Trippin' (4:11)
A2.  Heavy On The Sunshine (3:39)
A3.  Medley: Cupid / I've Loved You For A Long Time (5:35)
A4.  I Just Want To Be With You (3:29)
A5.  Streetwise (3:41)

B1.  I Just Want To Fall In Love (3:52)
B2.  Now That You're Mine Again (4:27)
B3.  Split Decision (3:32)
B4.  I'm Takin' You Back (3:18)
B5.  Pipedream (3:16)

Ano: 1981
Título: Labor Of Love 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Long Live Soul Music (4:56)
A2.  Standing On The Rock (4:29)
A3.  Medley (7:29)
A4.  Almost The Way To Love (4:04)

B1.  The Winter Of Our Love (3:49)
B2.  Be My Love (4:04)
B3.  Give Your Lady What She Wants (3:19)
B4.  A Man Just Don't Know What A Woman Goes Through (3:15)
B5.  The Deacon (4:25)

Ano: 1981
Título: Can't Shake This Feeling 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Can't Shake This Feelin' (3:52)
A2.  Knack For Me (5:42)
A3.  You Go Your Way (I'll Go Mine) (3:36)
A4.  Love Connection (Raise The Window Down) (5:36)

B1.  Never Thought I'd Fall In Love (3:50)
B2.  Didn't I Blow Your Mind (3:54)
B3.  Send A Little Love (3:29)
B4.  Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling (3:16)
B5.  Got To Be Love (5:08)

Ano: 1982
Título: Grand Slam 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  City Full Of Memories (5:41)
A2.  Magic In The Moonlight (5:51)
A3.  If I Knew (4:27)
A4.  I'm Calling You Now (4:09)

B1.  So Far Away (4:24)
B2.  Just Let Love In (3:45)
B3.  Funny How Time Slips Away (3:30)
B4.  Lover Boy (5:15)
B5.  No Other Love (4:22)

Ano: 1984
Título: Cross Fire 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Two Of A Kind (4:29)
A2.  Right Or Wrong (5:09)
A3.  (We Have Come Into) Our Time For Love (5:37)
A4.  Cross Fire (5:20)

B1.  Keep On Keepin' On (6:33)
B2.  Not Just Another Lover (4:27)
B3.  Love Is In Season (3:51)
B4.  All Your Love (3:58)
B5.  Secrets (3:55)

Ano: 1985
Título: Lovin' Feelings 
Gravadora: Mirage 
Formato: LP
A1.  Put Us Together Again (3:43)
A2.  I Found An Angel (4:00)
A3.  You're Number One (3:26)
A4.  She Does (4:01)
A5.  That's What Girls Are Made For (3:20)

B1.  More Today Than Yesterday (3:45)
B2.  The Witness (3:46)
B3.  Two Can Be One (4:31)
B4.  Show Me Your Magic (4:00)

Ano: 1989
Título: Down To Business 
Gravadora: Volt 
Formato: LP
A1.  I'm Happy Baby (4:21)
A2.  We Got Business (4:41)
A3.  Heal Me (5:50)
A4.  So Hard to Let You Go (4:37)

B1.  I Wanna Love You Forever (4:45)
B2.  My Lady is My Best Friend (3:50)
B3.  We Dance to Love Songs (4:08)
B4.  Can I Depend On You (4:28)

Ano: 2011
Título: SOUL 
Gravadora: Sony 
Formato: CD
01.  Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (4:37)
02.  Games People Play (2:58)
03.  Funny (5:41)
04.  I'll Be Around (3:08)
05.  It's A Shame (3:11)
06.  Mighty Love (6:50)
07.  One Of A Kind (1:11)
08.  Rubberband Man (3:44)
09.  Then Came You (2:37)
10.  Working My Way Back Home (4:39)