Discografia: Angela Bofill

Ano: 1978
Título: Angie
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  Under The Moon And Over The Sky (5:43)
A2.  This Time I'll Be Sweeter (4:18)
A3.  Baby, I Need Your Love (4:12)
A4.  Rough Times (4:36)
B1.  The Only Thing I Would Wish For (4:22)
B2.  Summer Days (5:10)
B3.  Share Your World (5:12)
B4.  Children Of The World United (5:48)
Ano: 1979
Título: Angel Of The Night
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  I Try (5:35)
A2.  People Make The World Go Round (4:30)
A3.  Angel Of The Night (4:55)
A4.  Rainbow Child (Little Pas) (3:42)
B1.  What I Wouldn't Do (For The Love Of You) (3:28)
B2.  The Feelin's Love (5:03)
B3.  Love To Last (4:53)
B4.  The Voyage (5:30)
Ano: 1981
Título: Something About You
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  Something About You (4:05)
A2.  Break It To Me Gently (3:55)
A3.  On And On (3:25)
A4.  Tropical Love (6:00)
A5.  You Should Know By Now (3:31)
B1.  Only Love (4:29) 
B2.  Holdin' Out For Love (3:25)
B3.  Stop Look Listen (4:33)
B4.  I Do Love You (4:36)
B5.  Time To Say Goodbye (5:22)
Ano: 1983
Título: Too Tough
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  Too Tough (5:36)
A2.  Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (3:04)
A3.  Tonight I Give In (3:21)
A4.  You Could Come Take Me Home (3:51)
A5.  Love You Too Much (3:56)
B1.  Is This A Dream (5:11)
B2.  Song For A Rainy Day (3:37)
B3.  I Can See It In Your Eyes (3:31)
B4.  Accept Me (I'm Not A Girl Anymore) (3:34)
B5.  Rainbow Inside My Heart (3:44)
Ano: 1983
Título: Teaser
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  Special Delivery (4:53)
A2.  Call Of The Wild (4:52)
A3.  Nothin' But A Teaser (4:40)
A4.  I'm On Your Side (5:05)
B1.  Penetration (6:02)
B2.  You're A Special Part Of Me (4:31)
B3.  Still A Thrill (4:47)
B4.  Gotta Make It Up To You (5:13)
B5.  Crazy For Him (3:19)
Ano: 1984
Título: Let Me be The One
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  Can't Slow Down (4:29)
A2.  Let Me Be The One (3:28)
A3.  Who Knows You Better (3:31)
A4.  You're Always There (5:19)
B1.  Getting Into Love (4:41)
B2.  No Love In Sight (3:24)
B3.  Love Me For Today (4:23)
B4.  This Is The Start (4:38)
Ano: 1985
Título: Tell Me Tomorrow
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  Generate Love (4:34)
A2.  Tell Me Tomorrow (4:45)
A3.  Midnight Shine (4:06)
A4.  I Don't Wanna Come Down (From Love) (5:03)
B1.  First Time (3:38)
B2.  This Change Of Yours (4:14)
B3.  Still In Love (4:58)
B4.  Woman's Intuition (4:12)
B5.  (If You Wanna Love Me) You're On (3:45)
Ano: 1988
Título: Intuition
Gravadora: Capitol
Formato: LP
A1.  Love Is In Your Eyes (5:11)
A2.  Intuition (5:27)
A3.  I Just Wanna Stop (4:29)
A4.  Long Gone (6:05)
A5.  For You And I (3:59)
B1.  In Your Lovers Eyes (6:15)
B2.  Love Overtime (4:31)
B3.  Festival / Down The Line (5:53)
B4.  Special Lover (4:36)
B5.  Everlasting Love (4:36)
Ano: 1993
Título: I Wanna Love Somebody
Gravadora: Jive
Formato: LP
A1.  I Wanna Love Somebody (5:12)
A2.  I Wonder (5:32)
A3.  Never Too Much (4:32)
A4.  Heavenly Love (5:11)
A5.  Always A Part Of Me (5:10)
B1.  Te Amo (4:47)
B2.  Essence Of My Light (5:10)
B3.  I Still Believe In Love (4:47)
B4.  We Almost Had It Right (3:40)
B5.  Amor Celestial (Heavenly Love, Spanish Version) (5:12)
Ano: 1996
Título: Love In Slow Motion
Gravadora: Expansion
Formato: CD
1.  All She Wants (Is Love) (4:32)
2.  Love In Slow Motion (5:44)
3.  Real Love (4:43)
4.  Galaxy Of My Love (5:22)
5.  Guess You Didn't Know (4:31)
6.  Sail Away (4:51)
7.   Are You Leaving Me Now? (4:44)
8.   Let Them Talk (5:10)
9.   Soul Of Mine (4:41)
10. Love Changes (5:22)
11. Black Angel (4:20)
Ano: 2006
Título: Live From Manila
Gravadora: Black Angel
Formato: CD
1.  Let Me Be the One (5:07)
2.  Dialogue (0:18)
3.  Tonight I Give In (3:44)
4.  Time to Say Goodbye (5:36)
5.  Still in Love (4:54)
6.  Break It to Me Gently (4:04)
7.  You Should Know By Now (3:40)
8.  Something About You (4:34)
9.  Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (3:31)
10. This Time I'll Be Sweeter (4:26)
11. Angel of the Night (8:38)