Discografia: Johnny Bristol

Ano: 1974
Título: Hang On In There Baby 
Gravadora: MGM 
Formato: LP
A1.  Woman, Woman (5:08)
A2.  Hang On In There Baby (3:54)
A3.  Reachin' Out For Your Love (4:00)
A4.  You And I (3:41)
A5.  Take Care Of You For Me (3:08)

B1.  I Got Your Number (3:10)
B2.  It Don't Hurt No More (3:34)
B3.  Memories Don't Leave Like People Do (4:07)
B4.  Love Me For A Reason (3:41)
B5.  Woman, Woman (Reprise) (0:45)

Ano: 1975
Título: Feeling The Magic 
Gravadora: MGM 
Formato: LP
A1.  Leave My World (3:25)
A2.  Morganton, North Carolina (3:17)
A3.  Go On And Dream (3:52)
A4.  Love Takes Tears (3:19)
A5.  Feeling The Magic (2:50)

B1.  Lusty Lady (3:04)
B2.  I'm Just A Loser (3:48)
B3.  Girl, You Got Your Act Together (2:55)
B4.  All Goodbyes Aren't Gone (2:47)
B5.  I Wouldn't Change A Thing (3:08)

Ano: 1976
Título: Bristol's Creme 
Gravadora: Atlantic
Formato: LP
A1.  Do It To My Mind (4:51)
A2.  I Love Talkin' 'Bout Baby (3:46)
A3.  I Sho Like Groovin' With Ya (3:59)
A4.  You Turned Me On To Love (4:48)

B1.  She Came Into My Life (5:10)
B2.  Love To Have A Chance To Taste The Wine (3:06)
B3.  Baby's So Much Fun To Dream About (4:19)
B4.  Have Yourself A Good Time Thinkin' 'Bout The Good Times (4:09)

Ano: 1978
Título: Strangers 
Gravadora: Atlantic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Strangers In The Dark Corners (4:56)
A2.  I'm Waiting On Love (3:09)
A3.  If You Ever Need Somebody (2:55)
A4.  She's So Amazing (3:11)
A5.  Everday She's Around (2:19)

B1.  You Can't Have Love (Without Complications) (3:17)
B2.  I'm So Proud Of You (4:32)
B3.  When The Fire Is Burning (2:37)
B4.  Why Stop It Now (2:50)
B5.  When He Comes (You Will Know) (4:31)

Ano: 1981
Título: Free To Be Me 
Gravadora: Handshake 
Formato: LP
A1.  Take Me Down (5:14)
A2.  Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me (5:03)
A3.  Hold Onto Love (3:49)
A4.  Till I See You Again (3:44)
A5.  Rosebud (4:42)

B1.  Loving And Free (3:48)
B2.  Sweet And Deep (4:30)
B3.  Love Is On Tonight (5:01)
B4.  Share Me My Dreams (4:04)
B5.  If I Can't Stop You (3:24)

Ano: 1993
Título: Life And Love "ou" Come To Me 
Gravadora: Japanese Blues Interactions 
Formato: CD
01.  Reachin out for Your Love (Touch Me) (3:46)
02.  So Good (4:33)
03.  Goin' Back (3:31)
04.  That's the Way of the World (5:10)
05.  Come to Me (4:47)
06.  He's Waiting on You (3:36)
07.  Number One Distraction (4:05)
08.  Fantasy (4:38)
09.  Too Late (3:48)
10.  Life & Love (4:46)