Discografia: Lou Rawls

Ano: 1962
Título: Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd: Stormy Monday 
Gravadora: Capitol
Formato: LP
A1.  (They Call It) Stormy Monday (3:40)
A2.  God Bless The Child (4:25)
A3.  See See Rider (3:08)
A4.  Willow Weep For Me (5:50)
A5.  I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (3:55)

B1.  In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down) (3:25)
B2.  'Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do (2:40)
B3.  Lost And Lookin' (3:07)
B4.  I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (3:50)
B5.  Sweet Lover (3:05)

Ano: 1962
Título: Black And Blue 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Roll 'Em Pete (1:51) 
A2.  I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (3:32) 
A3.  How Long, How Long Blues (4:19) 
A4.  Every Day, I Have The Blues (2:29) 
A5.  St. James Infirmary (4:39) 
A6.  (What Did I Do To Be So) Back And Blue (3:26) 
B1.  Kansas City (2:10) 
B2.  Goin' To Chicago Blues (2:51) 
B3.  Trouble In Mind (3:50) 
B4.  World Of Trouble (3:09) 
B5.  Six Cold Feet Of Ground (3:00) 
B6.  Strange Fruit (3:26) 

Ano: 1963
Título: Tobacco Road 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Tobacco Road (4:06)
A2.  Cotton Fields (2:08)
A3.  Rockin' Chair (1:55)
A4.  Stormy Weather (3:01)
A5.  Ol' Man River (3:49)

B1.  Blues For A Four String Guitar (3:27)
B2.  St. Louis Blues (2:27)
B3.  Georgia On My Mind (3:19)
B4.  Sentimental Journey (3:18)
B5.  Summertime (2:49)

Ano: 1965
Título: Nobody But Lou 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Nobody But Me (2:44)
A2.  Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall (2:11)
A3.  Whispering Grass (2:44)
A4.  Two Tickets West (3:44)
A5.  It's Monday Everyday (3:41)
A6.  The Power Of Love (2:31)

B1.  If I Had My Life To Live Over (2:50)
B2.  For You My Love (3:20)
B3.  If It's The Last Thing I Do (2:49)
B4.  Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (2:20)
B5.  Blues For The Weepers (3:50)

Ano: 1965
Título: Lou Rawls And Strings 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  What'll I Do (2:12)
A2.  My Buddy (2:34)
A3.  Du Bist Die Liebe (2:22)
A4.  Margie (2:47)
A5.  Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I (2:12)
A6.  Three O'Clock In The Morning (2:50)

B1.  Me And My Shadow (2:25)
B2.  Cold, Cold Heart (2:20)
B3.  I'll See You In My Dreams (2:15)
B4.  Charmaine (2:33)
B5.  Nothing Really Feels The Same (2:47)

Ano: 1966
Título: Lou Rawls Live 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Stormy Monday (3:05)
A2.  Southside Blues (Monologue) (2:50)
A3.  Tobacco Road (5:55)
A4.  St. James Infirmary (4:04)
A5.  The Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme From "The Sandpiper") (4:18)
A6.  I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (2:33)

B1.  Goin' To Chicago Blues (2:53)
B2.  In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down (6:21)
B3.  The Girl From Ipanema (4:30)
B4.  I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good (3:44)
B5.  Street Corner Hustler's Blues (Monologue) (3:40)
B6.  World Of Trouble (3:30)

Ano: 1966
Título: The Pilgrim Travelers Featuring Lou Rawls:
            The Soul Stirring Gospel Sounds Of The Pilgrim Travelers 
            * Gravado em 1962.
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Wade In The Water (2:52)
A2.  Sweet Chariot (2:44)
A3.  Jesus, Be A Fence Around Me (2:21)
A4.  If He Holds Your Hand (3:29)
A5.  Didn't It Rain? (2:44)

B1.  That's Heaven To Me (3:06)
B2.  Stand By Me Father (3:01)
B3.  Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow (2:33)
B4.  Motherless Child (3:17)
B5.  Did You Stop To Pray This Morning (2:59) 
B6.  Walking In The Light Of The Lord (2:52) 

Ano: 1966
Título: Soulin' 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  A Whole Lotta Woman (2:37)
A2.  Love Is A Hurtin' Thing (2:15)
A3.  So Hard To Laugh, So Easy To Cry (3:16)
A4.  You're The One (2:35)
A5.  Don't Explain (3:01)
A6.  What Now My Love (3:56)

B1.  Memory Lane (2:16) 
B2.  Old Man's Memories (Monologue) (2:18)
B3.  It Was A Very Good Year  (2:51)
B4.  Growing Old Gracefully (Monologue) (0:18)
B5.  Old Folks (2:16)
B6.  Autumn Leaves (2:37)
B7.  On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (2:36)
B8.  Breaking My Back (Instead Of Using My Mind) (2:23)

Ano: 1967
Título: Carryin' On!  
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Mean Black Snake (2:26)
A2.  Walking Proud (2:22)
A3.  The Devil In Your Eyes (3:17)
A4.  Find Out What's Happening (2:30)
A5.  You Can Bring Me All Your Heartaches (2:35)
A6.  A Woman Who's A Woman (2:45)

B1.  The Life That I Lead (3:03)
B2.  Yesterday (2:54)
B3.  Trouble Down Here Below (2:17)
B4.  You're Gonna Hear From Me (2:45)
B5.  Something Stirring In My Soul (3:05)
B6.  On Broadway (2:24)

Ano: 1967
Título: Too Much! 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Yes, It Hurts (Doesn't It?) (2:36)
A2.  It's An Uphill Climb (To The Bottom) (2:52) 
A3.  I Just Want To Make Love To You (3:27) 
A4.  You're Takin' My Bag (3:11) 
A5.  Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (2:32) 
A6.  Dead End Street (1:27) 
A7.  Dead End Street (2:10)

B1.  Twelfth Of Never (3:34) 
B2.  Righteous Woman (2:10) 
B3.  I Wanna Little Girl (2:11) 
B4.  Why (Do I Love You So) (2:43) 
B5.  I'll Take Time (2:50) 
B6.  You're Always On My Mind (2:50)

Ano: 1967
Título: That's Lou 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  When Love Goes Wrong (2:32)
A2.  Problems (2:04)
A3.  Reminiscing Monologue (1:15)
A4.  They Don't Give Medals (To Yesterday's Heroes) (2:14)
A5.  Ear Bender Monologue (0:58)
A6.  What Are You Doing About Today (2:12)

B1.  Please Give Me Someone To Love (3:44)
B2.  Hard To Get Thing Called Love (3:09)
B3.  (How Do You Say) I Don't Love You Anymore (2:45)
B4.  Street Of Dreams (2:54)
B5.  The Love That I Give (2:32)

Ano: 1967
Título: Merry Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho! 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  The Little Drummer Boy (2:59)
A2.  Good Time Christmas (2:16)
A3.  Little Boy Dear (3:52)
A4.  Christmas Is (3:09)
A5.  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (3:40)
A6.  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (2:54)

B1.  Merry Christmas, Baby (2:37)
B2.  The Christmas Song (4:30)
B3.  Christmas Will Really Be Christmas (2:22)
B4.  What Are You Doing New Year's Eve (3:07)
B5.  A Child With A Toy (3:21)

Ano: 1968
Título: Feelin' Good 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  The Letter (2:33)
A2.  My Ancestors (3:08)
A3.  For What It's Worth (2:52)
A4.  Even When You Cry (3:10)
A5.  Hang-Ups (2:50)
A6.  Evil Woman (2:33)

B1.  My Son (2:39)
B2.  Feelin' Good (4:40)
B3.  Encore (3:08)
B4.  I'm Gonna Use What I Got (To Get What I Need) (2:30)
B5.  Gotta Find A Way (2:59)

Ano: 1968
Título: You're Good For Me 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Down Here On The Ground (3:37)
A2.  I Want To Hear It From You (2:55)
A3.  A Beautiful Friendship (3:50)
A4.  Baby I Could Be So Good At Lovin' You (2:30)
A5.  Soul Serenade (2:25)
A6.  You're Good For Me (3:15)

B1.  Life Time (3:33)
B2.  Lifetime Monologue (2:44)
B3.  Ol' Man River (9:05)
B4.  I'm Satisfied (2:29)
B5.  One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (4:37)

Ano: 1968 
Título: Come On In, Mister Blues 
Gravadora: Pickwick/33 Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  Come On In, Mister Blues (2:31)
A2.  Nine Pound Hammer (2:25)
A3.  Can I Please? (2:21)
A4.  Love Is Blind (2:34)
A5.  Biggest Lover In Town (2:33)

B1.  That Lucky Old Sun (2:24)
B2.  I Fell In Love (2:25)
B3.  The House Next Door (2:58)
B4.  Trust Me (2:43)

Ano: 1969
Título: The Way It Was The Way It Is 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song) (2:38)
A2.  Trying Just As Hard As I Can (2:36)
A3.  Your Good Thing (Is About To End) (4:30)
A4.  I Love You, Yes I Do (4:03)
A5.  When A Man Loves A Woman (3:40)

B1.  Season Of The Witch (5:50)
B2.  Gentle On My Mind (2:49)
B3.  I Wonder (2:45)
B4.  I Want To Be Loved (But Only By You) (2:51)
B5.  It's You (2:39)

Ano: 1969
Título: Your Good Thing 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  I Can't Make It Alone (2:51)
A2.  Chained And Bound (2:14)
A3.  Give Me Your Love (2:07)
A4.  Make The World Go Away (2:01)
A5.  Your Good Thing (Is About To End) (2:51)

B1.  When She Speaks (2:40)
B2.  I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone (4:02)
B3.  Red Top (2:02)
B4.  Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me) (2:44)
B5.  Wee Baby Blues (4:05)

Ano: 1970
Título: You've Made Me So Very Happy 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  All God's Children (3:50)
A2.  Yesterday's Dream (2:54)
A3.  Mama Told Me (Not To Come) (2:25)
A4.  A Whole Lotta Sunlight (2:46)
A5.  Feelin' Alright (2:59)

B1.  You've Made Me So Very Happy (4:23)
B2.  Hurtin' (3:40)
B3.  Let's Burn Down The Cornfield (3:00)
B4.  How Can That Be (3:03)

Ano: 1970
Título: Bring It On Home...And Other Great Sam Cooke Hits 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  Bring It On Home (2:59)
A2.  Another Saturday Night (2:20)
A3.  Can You Dig It Monologue (0:35)
A4.  Take Me For What I Am (2:39)
A5.  Win Your Love (3:20)

B1.  Chain Gang (2:10)
B2.  What Makes The Ending So Sad (2:15)
B3.  Somebody Have Mercy (6:50)
B4.  Coppin A Plea Monologue (0:58)
B5.  Cool Train (3:04)

Ano: 1971
Título: Natural Man 
Gravadora: MGM 
Formato: LP
A1.  A Natural Man (3:40)
A2.  Everywhere I Go (2:42)
A3.  I'm A King Bee (2:17)
A4.  Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' (4:30)
A5.  Got To Get You Into My Life (2:45)

B1.  You Can't Hold On (2:49)
B2.  When I Fall In Love (5:00)
B3.  How Thoughtless I've Become  (2:58)
B4.  Till Love Touches Your Life (2:57)
B5.  Got A Lotta Love (1:48)

Ano: 1972
Título: Silk & Soul 
Gravadora: MGM 
Formato: LP
A1.  Believe In Me (3:49)
A2.  Something (2:50)
A3.  Watch What Happens (3:42)
A4.  Sophisticated Lady (4:08)
A5.  Golden Slumbers (3:33)

B1.  His Song Shall Be Sung (3:45)
B2.  No More (3:20)
B3.  Here's That Rainy Day (5:46)
B4.  Hallelujah For A Friend (3:06)
B5.  I'm Waiting (2:22)

Ano: 1972
Título: A Man Of Value 
Gravadora: MGM 
Formato: LP
A1.  A Man Of Value (3:46)
A2.  The Politician  (3:13)
A3.  Where The Wind Blows Free (2:35)
A4.  A Song For You  (3:36)
A5.  Goodbye's A Long, Long Time (4:16)

B1.  Walk On In (2:35)
B2.  Learning Cup (2:43)
B3.  Too Much Living To Do (3:06)
B4.  Fire And Rain (3:04)
B5.  Evil (4:33)

Ano: 1973
Título: Live At The Century Plaza 
Gravadora: Rebound 
Formato: LP
A1.  Tobacco Road  (4:12) 
A2.  Down Here On The Ground (3:06) 
A3.  Something (2:46) 
A4.  Golden Slumbers (3:40) 
A5.  Watch What Happens (3:45) 
A6.  Love Is A Hurtin' Thing (3:20) 

B1.  Blues Medley (10:45)
1a.  Stormy Monday
1b.  In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)
1c.  Goin' To Chicago
1d.  Bye Bye Blackbird 
B2.  A Natural Man (3:46) 
B3.  Feeling Good (4:23) 
B4.  Dead End Street Monolog/Dead End Street (7:18)

Ano: 1974
Título: She's Gone 
Gravadora: Bell 
Formato: LP
A1.  You Don't Miss Your Water (3:50)
A2.  She's Gone (3:27)
A3.  Feel Like Makin' Love (3:44)
A4.  Now You're Coming Back Michelle (3:04)
A5.  A Smile Can't Hide A Broken Heart (2:02)
A6.  Hourglass (2:25)

B1.  Let It Be Now (3:45)
B2.  Got It Here To Give (2:52)
B3.  Baby You Don't Know How Good You Are (2:55)
B4.  Keep The Faith (3:17)
B5.  You're A Lady (4:35)

Ano: 1976
Título: All Things In Time 
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  You're The One (5:20)
A2.  You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (4:28)
A3.  Time (2:55)
A4.  Groovy People (3:20)
A5.  Need You Forever (4:38)

B1.  From Now On (4:57)
B2.  Pure Imagination (3:43)
B3.  This Song Will Last Forever (5:08)
B4.  Let's Fall In Love All Over Again (4:02)

Ano: 1977
Título: Unmistakably Lou 
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  See You When I Git There (4:43)
A2.  Spring Again (4:29)
A3.  Early Morning Love (5:44)
A4.  Some Folks Never Laern (3:32)

B1.  Some Day You'll Be Old (3:43)
B2.  Secret Tears (4:08)
B3.  We Understand Each Other (4:19)
B4.  It's Our Anniversary Today (3:42)
B5.  All The Way (2:44)

Ano: 1977
Título: When You Hear Lou You've Heard It All 
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  Lady Love (4:02)
A2.  I Wish It Were Yesterday (3:28)
A3.  One Life To Live (3:55)
A4.  Dollar Green (3:11)
A5.  Trade Winds (3:48)

B1.  There Will Be Love (4:52)
B2.  Unforgettable (3:25)
B3.  That Would Do It For Me (4:36)
B4.  If I Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda (4:30)
B5.  Not The Staying Kind (3:56)

Ano: 1978
Título: Lou Rawls Live 
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records 
Formato: 2 LP
A01.  Overture (You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine) (3:28)
A02.  Groovy People (2:53)
A03.  Stay Awhilhe With Me (4:00)
A04.  Charge Card Blues Medley: Stormy Monday (2:55)
A05.  In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down (5:42)
A06.  Bye Bye Blackbird (1:32)

B01.  Pure Imagination (2:50)
B02.  Dead End Street (3:25)
B03.  Tobacco Road (2:02)
B04.  Love Is A Hurtin' Thing (1:50)
B05.  A Natural Man (3:59)
B06.  Lady Love (3:45)

C01.  This Song Will Last Forever (3:08)
C02.  Tribute Medley: Sir Duke (0:36)
C03.  Unforgettable (4:19)
C04.  Mona Lisa (2:35)
C05.  Lou's Rap (0:32)
C06.  Take The "A" Train (1:03)
C07.  Sophisticated Lady (2:38)
C08.  Dixieland Joe (1:46)
C09.  Mack The Knife (3:19)
C10.  Hello Dolly (2:42)
C11.  This One's For You (2:35)

D01.  See You When I Git There (4:25)
D02.  We Understand Each Other (2:02)
D03.  Early Morning Love (2:59)
D04.  When You Say Budweiser, You've Said It All (0:41)
D05.  Send In The Clowns (5:15)
D06.  You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (3:27)
D07.  A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening (1:50)

Ano: 1979
Título: Let Me Be Good To You 
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  Time Will Take Care Of Everything (4:36)
A2.  What's The Matter With The World (5:55)
A3.  Tomorrow (4:00)
A4.  We Keep Getting Closer (To Being Further Apart) (4:11)

B1.  Bark, Bite (Fight All Night) (4:28)
B2.  Let Me Be Good To You (5:24)
B3.  Lover's Holiday (5:21)
B4.  Sweet Tender Nights (3:41)

Ano: 1980
Título: Sit Down And Talk To Me 
Gravadora: Philadelphia Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  One Day Soon You'll Need Me (4:41)
A2.  Heartaches (Just When You Think You're Loved) (4:44)
A3.  Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One) (4:38)
A4.  When You Get Home (4:52)

B1.  Sit Down And Talk To Me  (4:59)
B2.  You're My Blessing (4:22)
B3.  Old Times (4:27)
B4.  You Are (4:51)

Ano: 1980
Título: Shades Of Blue 
Gravadora: Philadelphia International 
Formato: LP
A1.  Did You Ever Love A Woman (3:30)
A2.  Cottage For Sale (4:00)
A3.  Be Anything (But Be Mine) (3:45)
A4.  You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (5:19)

B1.  I Go Crazy (3:45)
B2.  Think (3:30)
B3.  Hoochie Coochie Man (7:50)
B4.  Baby What You Want Me To Do (3:34)

Ano: 1982
Título: Lou Rawls And Desirée Goyette: Here Comes Garfield 
Gravadora: Epic
Formato: LP
A01.  Here Comes Garfield (1:39)
A02.  Dialogue (0:30)
A03.  Move Me (2:08)
A04.  Dialogue (0:03)
A05.  Foolin' Around (2:48)
A06.  Dialogue (1:25)
A07.  'Long About Midnight (2:25)
A08.  Dialogue (0:35)
A09.  Big Fat Hairy Deal (2:17)

B01.  Dialogue (0:05)
B02.  Up On A Fence (3:13)
B03.  Dialogue (0:56)
B04.  Life Is Just A Roller Coaster Ride (2:08)
B05.  Dialogue (0:14)
B06.  So Long Old Friend (1:46)
B07.  Dialogue (0:14)
B08.  Together Again (2:28)
B09.  Dialogue (0:07)
B10.  Here Comes Garfield (Reprise) (1:08)

Ano: 1982
Título: Now Is The Time 
Gravadora: Epic 
Formato: LP
A1.  (Will You) Kiss Me One More Time (4:53)
A2.  Let Me Show You How (4:28)
A3.  Ain't That Love, Baby (4:38)
A4.  While The Rain Comes Down (5:33)

B1.  Now Is The Time For Love (3:41)
B2.  Watch Your Back (4:30)
B3.  It's Too Late (To Say Goodbye) (4:27)
B4.  Back To You (3:29)
B5.  This Love (5:55)

Ano: 1983
Título: When The Night Comes 
Gravadora: Epic
Formato: LP
A1.  Upside Down (3:34)
A2.  Wind Beneath My Wings (3:53)
A3.  If You're Gonna Love Me (2:36)
A4.  A Couple More Years (3:44)
A5.  The One I Sign My Love Songs To (3:27)

B1.  You Can't Take It With You (3:11)
B2.  When The Night Comes (2:57)
B3.  Midnight Sunshine (3:12)
B4.  That's When The Magic Begins (3:12)
B5.  I Been Him (4:25)

Ano: 1984
Título: Close Company 
Gravadora: Epic 
Formato: LP
A1.  All Time Lover (4:36)
A2.  In The Middle Of The Night (4:18)
A3.  Close Company (4:46)
A4.  Pretty Eyes (4:22)
A5.  When We Were Young (3:35)

B1.  Ready Or Not? (4:30) 
B2.  Forever I Do (The Wedding Song) (4:45)
B3.  The Lady In My Life (4:45)
B4.  Say It Again (3:38)
B5.  Sunshine (When Are You Coming My Way) (4:45)

Ano: 1986
Título: Love All Your Blues Away 
Gravadora: Epic 
Formato: LP
A1.  Change Your Mind (4:41)
A2.  Are You With Me (4:11)
A3.  Love All Your Blues Away  (4:04)
A4.  Stop Me From Starting This Feeling (4:38)
A5.  Learn To Love Again (4:16)

B1.  Willow Weep For Me (4:09)
B2.  We'll Be Together Again (4:21)
B3.  The Way You Look Tonight (2:24)
B4.  It Never Entered My Mind (3:33)

Ano: 1988
Título: Family Reunion 
Gravadora:Philadelphia Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  Family Reunion (5:26)
A2.  I Wish You Belonged To Me (4:51)
A3.  Two Happy Hearts (5:02)
A4.  Jealous Lovers (4:16)
A5.  Todays The Day (4:28)

B1.  It's A Touch Job (3:58)
B2.  When Love Walked In The Door (3:46)
B3.  Who Loves You Baby (4:05)
B4.  Fine With Me (5:19)
B5.  Unchained Melody (5:48)

Ano: 1989
Título: At Last 
Gravadora: Blue Note 
Formato: LP
A1.  At Last (3:37)
A2.  Two Years Of Torture (2:47)
A3.  Fine Brown Frame (3:02)
A4.  Good Intentions (3:08)
A5.  That's Where It's At (3:12)
A6.  If I Were A Magician (3:01)

B1.  You Can't Go Home (5:32)
B2.  Room With A View (3:56)
B3.  After The Lights Go Down Low (2:33)
B4.  She's No Lady (2:58)
B5.  Oh, What A Nite (3:32)

Ano: 1990
Título: It's Suppose To Be Fun 
Gravadora: Blue Note 
Formato: LP
A1.  It's Supposed To Be Fun (5:18)
A2.  Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (3:39)
A3.  All Around The World (3:18)
A4.  Good Morning Blues (3:30)
A5.  Moonglows (2:56)
A6.  This Bitter Earth (5:50)

B1.  Any Day Now (3:35)
B2.  One More Time (3:25)
B3.  You're The One (3:36)
B4.  I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone (4:00)
B5.  Good Night My Love (4:18)
B6.  The Last Night Of The World (3:07)

Ano: 1992
Título: Portrait Of The Blues 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: CD
01.  I Just Want To Make Love To You (3:07)
02.  A Lover's Question (3:02)
03.  Person To Person (4:20)
04.  Since I Met You Baby (2:42)
05.  I'm Still In Love With You (4:29)
06.  Snap Your  Fingers (3:09)
07.  Baby What You Want Me To Do (2:45)
08.  Suffering With The Blues (3:12)
09.  Hide Nor Hair (2:56)
10.  Chains of Love (4:21)
11.  My Babe (3:15)
12.  I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (3:22)
13.  Save Your Love For Me (2:35)
14.  Saturday Night Fish Fry (4:58)
15.  Sweet Slumber (3:30)

Ano: 1993
Título: Christmas Is The Time 
Gravadora: Manhattan 
Formato: CD
01.  Christmas Is The Time (2:41)
02.  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (2:56)
03.  Silver Bells (2:34)
04.  The First Noel (2:38)
05.  Sleigh Ride (2:16)
06.  I'll Be Home For Christmas (2:43)
07.  O Holy Night (3:53)
08.  Joy To The World (2:49)
09.  Winter Wonderland (2:36)
10.  O Come All Ye Faithful (2:40)
11.  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (2:27)
12.  The Christmas Song (3:30)
13.  Silent Night (2:20)
14.  We Wish You A Merry Christmas (1:58)
15.  Aulde Lang Syne (1:34)

Ano: 1994
Título: For You My Love * Gravado em 1964 & 1968. 
Gravadora: Capitol 
Formato: LP
A1.  For You My Love (3:14)
A2.  If I Had My Life To Live Over (2:45)
A3.  Nobody But Me (2:44)
A4.  Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees) (2:40)
A5.  Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You (2:16)
A6.  If It's The Last Thing I Do (2:47)
A7.  Blues For The Weepers (3:50)

B1.  That's Your Red Wagon (2:38) 
B2.  Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me) (2:44) 
B3.  It's You (2:39) 
B4.  I Love You, Yes I Do (4:03) 
B5.  I Wander (2:45) 
B6.  Wee Baby Blues (4:05) 
B7.  (I Wonder) Where Our Love Has Gone (3:56)

Ano: 1998
Título: Seasons 4 U 
Gravadora: Cema 
Formato: CD
01.  Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)  (4:26) 
02.  Spring Again (3:03)
03.  Here Comes The Sun (5:23) 
04.  Good Day Sunshine (2:20) 
05.  Blue Skies Berlin (3:13) 
06.  Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer (3:06) 
07.  Summertime (3:16) 
08.  Everything Must Change (4:46) 
09.  Autumn Leaves (4:19) 
10.  Singin' In The Rain (2:50) 
11.  Baby, It's Cold Outside (3:52) 
12.  Wonderful World (4:37) 
13.  Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (3:51)

Ano: 2001
Título: I'm Blessed 
Gravadora: Malaco 
Formato: CD
01.  I Don't Feel Noways Tired / Please Be Patient With Me (4:36)
02.  Amazing Grace (2:46)
03.  Oh Happy Day (4:59)
04.  Peace In The Valley (4:18)
05.  Did You Stop To Pray This Morning (3:30)
06.  I'm Blessed (4:30)
07.  God Is (5:14)
08.  Thank God For Standing by Me (2:36)
09.  Nearer My God To Thee / Touch The Hem Of His Garment /
       Were You There (3:25)
10.  Jesus Be A Fence Around Me (3:06)
11.  Amen (2:34)
12.  You've Got To Move (3:00)

Ano: 2003
Título: Rawls Sings Sinatra 
Gravadora: Savoy 
Formato: CD
01.  Come Fly With Me (3:05) 
02.  Nice 'N' Easy (2:55) 
03.  All The Way (3:53) 
04.  Learnin' The Blues (3:31) 
05.  That's Life (3:37) 
06.  The Lady Is A Tramp (4:12) 
07.  Summer Wind (2:43) 
08.  The Second Time Around (3:24) 
09.  My Kind Of Town/Chicago (3:23) 
10.  In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (2:36) 
11.  They Can't Take That Away From Me 
12.  One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (4:32)

Ano: 2006
Título: Christmas 
Gravadora: Time Life Music 
Formato: CD
01.  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (3:19)
02.  Jingle Bell Rock (3:06)
03.  Hark The Herald Angels Sing (2:54)
04.  The Christmas Song (4:57)
05.  Joy To The World (4:00)
06.  Winter Wonderland (2:37)
07.  Deck The Halls (3:22)
08.  Jingle Bells (3:12)
09.  Oh Come All Ye Faithful (2:51)
10.  Silent Night (3:07)
11.  Christmas Is The Time (3:12)
12.  Auld Lang Syne (4:56)
13.  We Wish You A Merry Christmas (3:25)
14.  Lou Rawls' Christmas Story (1:37)