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domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Discografia: Stacy Lattisaw

1979 - Young And I Love (Atlantic) A1.  When You're Young And In Love (Ballad Version) (4:22)
A2.  Love Is Here Beside Us (4:23)
A3.  Rock With Me (5:56)
A4.  Three Wishes (2:46)

B1.  Spinning Top (3:38)
B2.  Dedicated To The One I Love (3:19)
B3.  Downtown (3:33)
B4.  When Your Young And In Love (Disco Version) (3:30)

1980 - Let Me Be Your Angel (Cotillion) A1.  Jump To The Beat (5:20)
A2.  Dynamite! (6:07)
A3.  You Don't Love Me Anymore (3:17)
A4.  Dreaming (4:47)

B1.  Let Me Be Your Angel (4:03)
B2.  Don't You Want To Feel It (For Yourself) (5:55)
B3.  You Know I Like It (5:23)
B4.  My Love (4:52)

1981 - With You (Cotillion) A1.  Feel My Love Tonight (4:08)
A2.  Screamin' Off The Top (4:27)
A3.  It Was So Easy (3:15)
A4.  Baby I Love You (4:34)
A5.  Love On A Two Way Street (4:06)

B1.  With You (4:46)
B2.  Young Girl (4:33)
B3.  Spotlight (4:45)
B4.  You Take Me To Heaven (4:09)

1982 - Sneakin' Out (Cotillion) A1.  Sneakin' Out (5:50)
A2.  Guys Like You (Give Love A Bad Name) (4:03)
A3.  Memories (4:08)
A4.  Tonight I'm Gonna Make You Mine (3:04)
A5.  Hey There Lonely Boy (3:54)

B1.  Don't Throw It All Away (4:04)
B2.  Attack Of The Name Game (6:25)
B3.  I'm Down For You (5:10)
B4.  I Could Love You So Divine (4:16)

1983 - Sixteen (Cotillion) A1.  16 (6:22)
A2.  Black Pumps And Pink Lipstick (4:48)
A3.  I've Loved You Somewhere Before (3:57)
A4.  Million Dollar Babe (5:15)

B1.  What's So Hot 'Bout Bad Boys (6:25)
B2.  Johey! (5:17)
B3.  The Ways Of Love (5:12)
B4.  Miracles (3:30)

1984 - Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill: Perfect Combination (Cotillion) A1.  Block Party (5:25)
A2.  Fun 'N' Games (3:59)
A3.  Falling in Love Again (4:34)
A4.  50/50 Love (4:54)

B1.  Perfect Combination (4:08)
B2.  Heartbreak Look (5:31)
B3.  Baby It's You (3:08)
B4.  Come Out of the Shadows (5:16)

1985 - I’m Not The Same Girl (Cotillion) A1.  Can't Stop Thinking About You (4:10)
A2.  Coming Alive (3:02)
A3.  Now We're Starting Over Again (3:40)
A4.  He's Just Not You (3:23)

B1.  I'm Not The Same Girl (3:50)
B2.  Toughen Up (2:18)
B3.  Together (3:37)
B4.  I Thought It Took A Little Time (3:09)

1986 - Take Me All The Way (Motown) A1.  Jump Into My Life (4:17)
A2.  The Hard Way (3:33)
A3.  Take Me All The Way (4:14)
A4.  A Little Bit Of Heaven (3:55)
A5.  Longshot (4:32)

B1.  Nail It To The Wall (4:42)
B2.  Love Me Like The First Time (3:25)
B3.  You Ain't Leavin' (3:48)
B4.  Over The Top (4:25)
B5.  One More Night (3:43)

1988 - Personal Attention (Motown) A1.  Personal Attention (4:11)
A2.  Love Town (4:24)
A3.  Let Me Take You Down (4:26)
A4.  Ain't No Mountain High Enough (3:53)
A5.  He's Got A Hold On Me (3:59)

B1.  Find Another Lover (3:56)
B2.  Changes (4:05)
B3.  Every Drop Of Your Love (4:27)
B4.  Call Me (4:08)
B5.  Electronic Eyes (3:51)

1989 - What You Need (Motown) A1.  What You Need (5:40)
A2.  Dance For You (5:44)
A3.  You Touched The Woman In Me (4:10)
A4.  R U Man Enuff (5:17)
A5.  Guilty (Lock Me Up) (5:11)

B1.  Falling (In Love Again) (4:30)
B2.  I Don't Have The Heart (5:00)
B3.  Where Do We Go From Here (5:49)
B4.  Tender Love (4:33)
B5.  That's The Reason Why I Love (4:47)