Discografia: The O' Jays

Ano: 1965
Título: Comin' Through 
Gravadora: Imperial
Formato: LP
A1.  Whip It On Me Baby (2:28)
A2.  Think It Over, Baby (2:55)
A3.  Lipstrick Traces (On A Cigarette) (2:44)
A4.  Let It All Out (3:21)
A5.  I've Cried My Last Tear (2:18)
A6.  I'm Gonna Make It (2:44)

B1.  Lonely Drifter (2:37)
B2.  Stand Tall (2:24)
B3.  Oh How You Hurt Me (2:15)
B4.  The Storm Is Over (2:30)
B5.  Girl Machine (2:16)
B6.  Time Is On My Side (2:34)

Ano: 1965
Título: Working On Your Case 
Gravadora: Imperial
Formato: LP
A1.  Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) (2:46)
A2.  How Does It Feel (2:44)
A3.  You're The One (2:50)
A4.  Rented Tuxedo (2:34)
A5.  Let It All Out (3:06)
A6.  You're On Top (2:29)
A7.  No Time For You (2:41)
A8.  My Dearest Beloved (2:28)

B1.  Working On Your Case (2:42)
B2.  Hold On (2:43)
B3.  Lonely Drifter (2:38)
B4.  Today & Tomorrow (2:31)
B5.  Storm Is Over (2:30)
B6.  Stand In For Love (3:42)
B7.  Dotted Line (2:17)
B8.  Stand Tall (2:28)

Ano: 1967
Título: Soul Sounds 
Gravadora: Sundazed Music 
Formato: LP
A1.  Working On Your Case (2:40)
A2.  Hold On (2:43)
A3.  Lonely Drifter (2:36)
A4.  No Time For You (2:43)
A5.  A Blowing Wind (2:10)
A6.  It Won't Hurt (2:05)

B1.  Stand In For Love (2:55)
B2.  How Does It Feel (2:50)
B3.  Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) (2:43)
B4.  I'll Never Forget You (2:11)
B5.  Oh. How You Hurt Me (2:15)
B6.  Crack Up Laughing (2:28)

Ano: 1968
Título: Back On Top 
Gravadora: Sunset Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today) (2:45)
A2.  I'm So Glad I Found You (2:57)
A3.  Going Going Gone (2:40)
A4.  That's Alright (2:28)
A5.  I Dig Your Act (2:12)
A6.  Look Over Your Shoulder (2:45)

B1.  You're Too Sweet (2:58)
B2.  Just Another Guy (2:40)
B3.  Four For The Price Of One (3:49)
B4.  Love Is Everywhere (2:42)
B5.  Now That I've Found You (2:21)
B6.  I'll Be Seeing You (2:24)

Ano: 1970
Título: The O' Jays In Philadelphia 
Gravadora: Neptune
Formato: LP
A1.  One Night Affair (2:19)
A2.  You're The Best Thing Since Candy (2:56)
A3.  Branded Bad (2:54)
A4.  I Should Be Your Lover (2:04)
A5.  Looky Looky (Look At Me Girl) (2:46)

B1.  Deeper (In Love With You) (2:40)
B2.  Let Me In Your World (2:37)
B3.  Just Can't Get Enough (2:09)
B4.  I've Got The Groove (2:17)
B5.  Medley: Little Green Apples / Something (4:30)
B6.  It's Too Strong (3:05)

Ano: 1971
Título: Super Bad 
Gravadora: Little Stars 
Formato: LP
A1.  Now He's Home (3:42)
A2.  Little Brother (2:55)
A3.  Crossroads Of Life (2:40)
A4.  La-De-Da (2:38)
A5.  Peace (5:22)

B1.  Shattered Man (3:18)
B2.  Your Turn This Time (3:44)
B3.  Just To Be With You (2:39)
B4.  Gotta Get My Broom (2:21)
B5.  Never Can Say Good-Bye (3:50)

Ano: 1972
Título: Back Stabbers 
Gravadora: Philadephia 
Formato: LP
A1.  When The World's At Peace (5:21)
A2.  Back Stabbers (3:07)
A3.  Who Am I (5:14)
A4.  (They Call Me) Mr. Lucky (3:20)
A5.  Time To Get Down (2:53)

B1.  992 Arguments (6:09)
B2.  Listen To The Clock On The Wall (3:48)
B3.  Shiftless, Shady, Jealous Kind Of People (3:36)
B4.  Sunshine (3:42)
B5.  Love Train (2:59)

Ano: 1973
Título:Ship Ahoy 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Put Your Hands Together (4:07)
A2.  Ship Ahoy (9:41)
A3.  This Air I Breathe (3:53)
A4.  You Got Your Hooks In Me (5:34)

B1.  For The Love Of Money (7:19)
B2.  Now That We Found Love (4:41)
B3.  Don't Call Me Brother (8:58)
B4.  People Keep Tellin' Me (4:00)

Ano: 1974
Título: Live In London 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Instrumental Introduction (1:02)
A2.  Put Your Hands Together (3:40)
A3.  When The World Is At Peace (8:05)
A4.  Wildflower (10:17)

B1.  Back Stabbers (8:18)
B2.  Vocal Introduction & Sunshine (10:00)
B3.  Love Train (6:45)

Ano: 1975
Título:Family Reunion 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Unity (4:57)
A2.  Family Reunion (6:54)
A3.  You And Me (6:54)
A4.  She's Only A Woman (5:44)

B1.  Livin' For The Weekend (6:29)
B2.  Stairway To Heaven (6:15)
B3.  I Love Music (6:51)

Ano: 1975
Título: Survival 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Give The People What They Want (4:14)
A2.  Let Me Make Love To You (4:21)
A3.  Survival (3:44)
A4.  Where Did We Go Wrong (3:40)

B1.  Rich Get Richer (4:24)
B2.  How Time Flies (5:15)
B3.  What Am I Waiting For (3:56)
B4.  Never Break Us Up (3:18)

Ano: 1976
Título: Message In The Music 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Message In Our Music (6:24)
A2.  Prayer (6:30)
A3.  Paradise (5:02)
A4.  Make A Joyful Noise (4:02)

B1.  Desire Me (6:21)
B2.  Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love) (4:14)
B3.  I Swear, I Love No One But You (5:13)
B4.  Let Life Flow (4:37)

Ano: 1977
Título: Travelin' At The Speed Of Thought 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Travelin' At The Speed Of Thought (4:59)
A2.  We're All In This Together (4:52)
A3.  So Glad I Got I Got You, Girl (3:32)
A4.  Stand Up (4:46)

B1.  Those Lies (Done Caught Up With You This Time) (3:45)
B2.  Feeling (7:11)
B3.  Work On Me (4:26)
B4.  Let's Spend Some Time Together (4:33)

Ano: 1978
Título: So Full Of Love 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Sing My Heart Out (4:35)
A2.  Use Ta Be My Girl (4:02)
A3.  Cry Together (5:36)
A4.  This Time Baby (4:43)

B1.  Brandy (4:14)
B2.  Take Me To The Stars (4:13)
B3.  Help (Somebody Please) (4:58)
B4.  Strokety Stroke (4:24)

Ano: 1979
Título: Identify Yourself 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Sing A Happy Song (5:03)
A2.  Get Out And Party (5:04)
A3.  Identify (4:56)
A4.  So Nice I Tried It Twice (5:50)

B1.  Hurry Up & Come Back (5:09)
B2.  Forever Mine (6:10)
B3.  I Want You Here With Me (5:28)
B4.  One In A Million (Girl) (3:55)

Ano: 1980
Título: The Year 2000 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  The Year 2000 (4:19)
A2.  To Prove I Love You (4:12)
A3.  You'll Never Know (All There Is To Know 'Bout My Love) (4:31)
A4.  You're The Girls Of My Dreams (Sho Nuff Real) (3:59)

B1.  You Won't Fail (5:18)
B2.  Girl, Don't Let It Get You Down (4:13)
B3.  The Answer Is In You (4:24)
B4.  Once Is Not Enough (5:47)

Ano: 1982
Título: My Favorite Person 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  I Just Want To Satisfy You (4:08)
A2.  Your Body's Here With Me (But Your Mind's On The Other Side Of Town) (4:50)
A3.  My Favorite Person (4:18)
A4.  One On One (4:35)

B1.  I Like To See Us Get Down (4:16)
B2.  Your True Heart (And Shining Star) (5:51)
B3.  Out In The Real World (3:54)
B4.  Don't Walk Away Mad (3:44)

Ano: 1983
Título: When Will I See You Again 
Gravadora: Philadelphia
Formato: LP
A1.  I Can't Stand The Pain (4:50)
A2.  Betcha Don't Know (What Comes After That) (5:18)
A3.  When Will I See You Again (4:52)
A4.  House Of Fire (4:29)

B1.  A Letter To My Friends (5:01)
B2.  Put Our Heads Together (5:42)
B3.  Ain't Nothin' Wrong With Good Lovin' (4:31)
B4.  Nice And Easy (5:24)

Ano: 1984
Título: Love And More 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  I've Got To Fall In Love (4:26)
A2.  Extraordinary Girl (5:10)
A3.  I'm The Kind Of Man (Every Mother Wants Her Daughter To Love) (3:46)
A4.  Everybody's Dance Krazy (5:30)

B1.  Summer Fling (4:55)
B2.  I Really Need You Now (4:12)
B3.  Love You Direct (3:55)
B4.  Let Me Show You (How Much I Really Love You) (3:54)
B5.  Give My Love To The Ladys (4:15)

Ano: 1985
Título: Love Fever 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Can't Slow Down (4:08)
A2.  Dollar Bill (3:59)
A3.  All Eyes On Africa (4:07)
A4.  Just Another Lonely Night (5:38)
A5.  I Wanna Be With You Tonight (4:07)

B1.  Love Fever (3:56)
B2.  I Love America (3:55)
B3.  What A Woman (4:23)
B4.  We're Still Together (3:43)
B5.  What Good Are These Arms Of Mine (4:23)

Ano: 1987
Título: Let Me Touch You 
Gravadora: Philadelphia 
Formato: LP
A1.  Don't Take Your Love Away (4:46)
A2.  Lovin' You (5:15)
A3.  True Love Never Dies (4:37)
A4.  Still Missing (5:26)
A5.  I Just Want Somebody To Love Me (4:24)

B1.  Let Me Touch You (4:52)
B2.  Undercover Lover (4:41)
B3.  No Lies To Cloud My Eyes (4:36)
B4.  Don't Let The Dream Get Away (4:16)
B5.  Cause I Want You Back Again (4:46)

Ano: 1989
Título: Serious 
Gravadora: EMI 
Formato: LP
A1.  Out Of My Mind (4:15)
A2.  Leave It Alone (4:46)
A3.  Have You Had Your Love Today? (5:14)
A4.  Serious Hold On Me (5:36)

B1.  Friend Of A Friend (4:43)
B2.  Never Been Better (2:48)
B3.  Rainbow (4:45)
B4.  Fading (6:41)
B5.  Pot Can't Call The Kettle Black (4:40)

Ano: 1991
Título: Emotionally Yours 
Gravadora: EMI
Formato: CD
01.  Don't Let Me Down (5:18)
02.  Something For Nothing (4:59)
03.  Emotionally Yours (RandB Version) (5:15)
04.  Respect (4:20)
05.  Keep On Lovin’ Me (4:43)
06.  Love And Trust (4:13)
07.  Don't You Know True Love (4:08)
08.  Emotionally Yours (Gospel Version) 5:01
09.  That’s Love Is (5:38)
10.  Closer To You (3:58)
11.  If I Find Love Again (5:57)
12.  Keep On Pleasin’ Me (7:03)
13.  Lies (4:18)
14.  Make It Feel Good (4:22)

Ano: 1991
Título: Home For Christmas 
Gravadora: EMI
Formato: CD
01.  I Can Hardly Wait 'Til Christmas (4:40)
02.  Merry Christmas Baby (4:26)
03.  White Christmas (3:56)
04.  The Christmas Song (4:54)
05.  Wanna Be Home For Christmas (4:30)
06.  Christmas Time In The City (3:48)
07.  (Tell 'Em) Santa's On His Way (4:13)
08.  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (4:55)
09.  What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? (5:13)
10.  Carol Of The Bells (4:01)

Ano: 1993
Título: Heartbreaker 
Gravadora: EMI
Formato: CD
01.  Cryin' the Blues (5:59)
02.  One Wonderful Girl (4:28)
03.  Somebody Else Will (5:27)
04.  Show Me the Right Way (5:25) 
05.  Trouble (4:11)
06.  Can't Let You Go (4:10) 
07.  Decisions (4:20) 
08.  No Can Do (4:21)
09.  Heartbreaker (4:27) 
10.  He Loves You (7:59)

Ano: 1997
Título: Love You To Tears 
Gravadora: Volcano 
Formato: CD
01.  Pay The Bills (4:24)
02.  Turned Out (4:25)
03.  I Want My Cake (4:35)
04.  What’s Stopping You (4:16)
05.  Serious Affair (5:06)
06.  You Can Make Me Fall In Love Again (4:01)
07.  Baby You Know (4:41)
08.  Another Lonely Night (Did You Forget About Me) 4:15
09.  Getting Along Much Better (4:46)
10.  Love You To Tears (4:56)

Ano: 2001
Título: For The Love 
Gravadora: MCA 
Formato: CD
01.  Long Distance Lover (4:22) 
02.  Let's Ride (4:12) 
03.  Don't Break My Heart (4:56) 
04.  Put Out the Fire (4:10)
05.  Come Over to My House (4:57) 
06.  I'm Ready Now (4:16) 
07.  Searching for the Love I Lost (3:55) 
08.  I Don't Know  (4:48) 
09.  Latin Lover (4:57)
10.  Baby Making Love (4:39) 
11.  Sounds Like Me (6:06)

Ano: 2004
Título: Imagination 
Gravadora: Sanctuary Urban 
Formato: CD
01.  Made It Back (3:26)
02.  Repair Man (3:59)
03.  Make Up (6:53)
04.  Imagination (5:58)
05.  Chauvinistic (4:31)
06.  Separate Ways (4:50)
07.  Why You Wanna Settle For Less (6:38)
08.  Busy Tonight (4:44)
09.  One Good Woman (4:00)
10.  I Would Rather Cry (4:57)
11.  The Christmas Song (4:56)

Ano: 2004
Título: Together We Are One 
Gravadora: Philadelphia
Formato: CD
01.  All Eyes On Africa (4:30)
02.  Together We Are One (4:31)
03.  Your Place Or Mine (4:19)
04.  I Know What You're Doing (But I'm Too Scared To Do Something About It) (4:52)
05.  Ruler Of The Universe (5:46)
06.  Pretty Is As Pretty Does (Just Too Pretty For Words) (3:45)
07.  Promises (4:36)
08.  When Sunny Gets Blue (4:10)
09.  Just Don't Seem To Be My Day (3:39)
10.  Packin' My Bags (Movin' On) (5:21)
11.  Hurry Home (4:18)
12.  This Could Be The Last Time (3:57)