Discografia: The Players Association

1977 - The Players Association (Vanguard) A1.  I Like It (5:22)
A2.  Moon In Pisces (5:27)
A3.  Let's Groove (7:16)

B1.  Love Hangover (6:08)
B2.  For The Love Of You (6:13)
B3.  Hustlin' (4:22)

1977 - Born To Dance (Vanguard) A1.  Goin' To The Disco (4:24)
A2.  Make It Last All Night (4:52)
A3.  Disco Inferno (5:38)

B1.  We Were Born To Dance (4:15)
B2.  Everything's Gonna Be O.K. (4:44)
B3.  Footsteps (3:52)
B4.  How Do You Like It (4:35)

1979 - Turn The Music Up (Vanguard) A1.  Turn The Music Up! (6:47)
A2.  The Closer I Get To You (4:41)
A3.  Everybody Dance (6:48)

B1.  I Wish (5:43)
B2.  More Than A Little Bit (6:27)
B3.  Ride The Groove (6:44)

1980 - We Got The Groove (Vanguard) A1.  We Got The Groove (8:09)
A2.  The Get-Down Mellow Sound (7:55)

B1.  We're Almost There (6:50)
B2.  Dance (7:11)

1981 - Let Your Body Go (Vanguard) A1.  Get On Up Now (5:00)
A2.  Groovin' On Home (5:20)
A3.  Let Your Body Go! (5:30)

B1.  R&B-Bop-Pop (5:54)
B2.  The Things You Get Me To Do (6:10)
B3.  Life Is Just A Song (6:05)