Discografia: Carl Carlton

Ano: 1973
Título: Can't Stop A Man In Love 
Gravadora: Back Beat 
Formato: LP
A1.  You Can't Stop A Man In Love (2:50)
A2.  Drop By My Place (2:44)
A3.  Competition Ain't Nothing (2:35)
A4.  I Won't Let That Chump Break Your Heart (3:32)
A5.  Did You Mean It (2:33)

B1.  Born Just In Time (2:40)
B2.  Why Don't They Leave Us Alone (2:18)
B3.  International Playboy (2:22)
B4.  You Make Me Feel Like A Grown Up Man (2:28)
B5.  You Times Me Plus Love (2:16)

Ano: 1974
Título: Everlasting Love 
Gravadora: ABC Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  Everlasting Love (2:34)
A2.  Morning, Noon And Night (3:40)
A3.  I Wanna Be Your Main Squeeze (3:04)
A4.  Our Day Will Come (3:02)
A5.  La La Song (3:30)

B1.  Signed Sealed And Delivered (3:30)
B2.  Hurt So Bad (3:27)
B3.  Smokin' Room (3:34)
B4.  Lonely Teardrops (4:15)

Ano: 1975
Título: I Wanna Be With You 
Gravadora: ABC Records 
Formato: LP
A1.  Universal Girl (5:17)  
A2.  Live For Today Not For Tomorrow (3:59)  
A3.  Ain't Been No One Before You (3:14)  
A4.  Spend The Night (6:20)  
A5.  Things Ain't Always Been This Good (3:30)
B1.  Willing And Able (7:30)  
B2.  Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody (About You) (3:07)  
B3.  You've Been So Good To Me (3:30)  
B4.  Let's Groove (3:52)  
B5.  I Wanna Be With You (3:30)

Ano: 1981
Título: Carl Carlton 
Gravadora: 20th Century 
Formato: LP
A1.  Sexy Lady (3:37)
A2.  Let Me Love You 'Til The Morning Comes (3:51)
A3.  Don't You Wanna Make Love (3:58)
A4.  This Feeling's Rated X-Tra (4:07)

B1.  She's A Bad Mama Jama (She's Built, She's Stacked) (5:48)
B2.  I've Got That Boogie Fever (6:14)
B3.  I Think It's Gonna Be Alright (3:27)
B4.  Fighting In The Name Of Love (3:20)

Ano: 1982
Título: The Bad CC 
Gravadora: 20th Century 
Formato: LP
A1.  Baby, I Need Your Loving (4:55)
A2.  Dance With You (4:58)
A3.  Fooled Myself Again (5:52)
A4.  Everyone Can Be A Star (4:48)

B1.  Swing That Sexy Thing (4:47)
B2.  Groovin' (5:39)
B3.  Just One Kiss (5:35)
B4.  Under The Boardwalk (3:38)

Ano: 1985
Título: Private Property 
Gravadora: Casablanca 
Formato: LP
A1.  Private Property (4:26)
A2.  Thank You For Sticking Around (4:00)
A3.  Slipped, Tripped, Fooled Around And Fell In Love (4:17)
A4.  Stand By Me (3:44)

B1.  Mama's Boy (4:18)
B2.  Never Got Over You (4:12)
B3.  Hot (5:15)
B4.  Free, Fine And 21 (4:02)