Discografia: Peter Allen

Ano: 1968
Título: Chris & Peter Allen's: Album N# 1
Gravadora: Mercury
Formato: LP
A1.  Ten Below (2:40)
A2.  My Silent Symphony (2:41)
A3.  Next Plane to London (2:26)
A4.  Picture Me (2:27)
A5.  Medley: Wizard of Oz (We're Off to See the Wizard) / Puff the Magic Dragon (2:34)
B1.  A Man and a Woman (2:47)
B2.  Medley : Come Rain or Come Shine / Rain, the Park and Other Things (2:36)
B3.  A Baby's Coming (2:38)
B4.  Just Friends (2:39)
B5.  Waltzing Matilda (2:27)
Ano: 1971
Título: Peter Allen
Gravadora: Metromedia
Formato: LP
A1.  Honest Queen (3:16)
A2.  Where the Sun Never Shines (3:10)
A3.  5 O'Clock in L.A. (2:38)
A4.  Glittering Zero (1:54)
A5.  The Lives of Me (4:01)
A6.  Dixie (2:07)
B1.  Looking Thru the Eye (3:18)
B2.  Six Thirty Sunday Morning (2:55)
B3.  The Heart of Everything (2:40)
B4.  Marriage (2:40)
B5.  What Difference Does It Make (4:36)
B6.  Spit Before You Swallow (2:52)
Ano: 1974
Título: Continental American
Gravadora: A&M
Formato: LP
A1.  Just A Gigolo (Schoner Gigolo) (3:15)
A2.  Everything Old Is New (2:33)
A3.  The Natural Thing To Do (4:12)
A4.  Pretty Pretty (3:30)
A5.  Continental American (5:16)
B1.  Just Ask Me I've Been There (4:37)
B2.  I Honestly Love You (3:30)
B3.  This Side Show's Leaving Town (7:44)
B4.  Just A Gigolo (Schoner Gigolo) (Reprise) (3:15)
Ano: 1976
Título: Taught By Experts
Gravadora: A&M
Formato: LP
A1.  Puttin' Out Roots (3:32)
A2.  She Loves To Hear The Music (3:16)
A3.  Back Doors Crying (4:46)
A4.  I Go To Rio (3:17)
A5.  Planes (3:05)
A6.  Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stage (5:08)
B1.  This Time Around (3:15)
B2.  The More I See You (3:30)
B3.  Harbour (3:36)
B4.  (I've Been) Taught By Experts (3:12)
B5.  Six-Thirty Sunday Morning/New York, I Don't Know About You (5:01)
Ano: 1977
Título: It's Time For Peter Allen
Gravadora: A&M
Formato: LP
A1.  Love Crazy (3:54)
A2.  She Loves To Hear The Music (3:34)
A3.  Everything Old Is New Again (3:18)
A4.  Interesting Changes (3:46)
A5.  I Honestly Love You (3:49)
B1.  Continental Americal (5:26)
B2.  Natural Thing To Do (4:39)
B3.  More I See You (2:55)
B4.  As Time Goes By (3:36)
B5.  Intermission/I Honestly Love You (0:54)
C1.  Don't Wish To Hard (4:38)
C2.  Don't Cry Out Loud (3:42)
C3.  Tenterfield Saddler (4:07)
C4.  Puttin' Out Roots/The Sideshow's Leavign (6:36)
D1.  I Go To Rio (7:05)
D2.  Quiet Please Theres A Lady On Stage (5:28)
D3.  Audience (3:14)
Ano: 1978 *Gravado em 1972
Título: Tenterfield Saddler
Gravadora: A&M
Formato: LP
A1.  Tenterfield Saddler (3:32)
A2.  More Than I Like You (3:36)
A3.  Same Way I Came In (4:11)
A4.  Good to See You up There (3:39)
A5.  I Can Tell a Lie (3:17)
B1.  Just Ask Me I've Been There (4:16)
B2.  Cocoon (3:16)
B3.  Harbour (3:01)
B4.  Somebody Beautiful Just Undid Me (3:06)
B5.  Other Side (4:00)
Ano: 1979
Título: I Could Have Been A Sailor
Gravadora: A&M
Formato: LP
A1.  I Could Have Been A Sailor (3:52)
A2.  Don't Wish Too Hard (5:13)
A3.  Two Boys (3:27)
A4.  Angels With Dirty Faces (3:49)
A5.  Don't Cry Out Loud (4:07)
B1.  If You Were Wondering (4:47)
B2.  Don't Leave Me Now (3:22)
B3.  I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love (3:38)
B4.  We've Com To An Understanding (3:51)
B5.  Paris At 21 (6:58)
Ano: 1980
Título: Bi Coastal
Gravadora: A&M
Formato: LP
A1.  One Step Over The Borderline (3:54)
A2.  Fly Away (4:05)
A3.  Bi-Coastal (4:22)
A4.  I Don't Go Shopping (3:33)
A5.  Hit In The Heart (3:24)
B1.  I Could Really Show You Around (4:13)
B2.  Somebody's Angel (4:17)
B3.  Simon (3:25)
B4.  Pass This Time (4:00)
B5.  When This Love Affair Is Over (6:05)
Ano: 1983
Título: Not The Boy Next Door
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  Just Another Make-Out Song (4:09)
A2.  Not The Boy Next Door (6:53)
A3.  You'll Always Get Your Way (4:32)
A4.  You And Me (We Had It All) (4:14)
B1.  Fade To Black (3:52)
B2.  Somebody's Got Your Love (3:34)
B3.  You Haven't Heard The Last Of Me (4:14)
B4.  Easy On The Weekend (4:00)
B5.  Once Before I Go (4:22)
Ano: 1985
Título: Captured Live At Carnegie Hall
Gravadora: Arista
Formato: LP
A1.  Not the Boy Next Door (4:48) 
A2.  Arthur's Theme (4:22)
A3.  I Could Have Been a Sailor (4:37)
A4.  You Haven't Heard The Last Of Me / Fade To Black (6:33)
B1.  Easy on the Weekend (4:19)
B2.  Knockers (From "Legs Diamond") (2:25)
B3.  All I Wanted Was the Dream (From "Legs Diamond") (4:22)
B4.  Fly Away / I Go To Rio (6:07)
C1.  Everything Old Is New Again (1:58)
C2.  Irving Berlin Medley:
I Love A Piano /
Let's Face The Music And Dance /
Let Yourself Go /
Puttin' On The Ritz /
Steppin' Out With My Baby /
Shakin' The Blues Away (2:53)
C3.  Only Wounded (4:23)
C4.  Come Save Me (3:30)
C5.  Somebody's Angel (3:57)
C6.  Harbour (3:49)
D1. Don't Cry Out Loud (3:56)
D2. Quiet Please, There's a Lady on Stage (4:40)
D3. Once Before I Go (4:49)
D4. As Time Goes By (4:13)
D5. I Honestly Love You / Audience (2:51)
Ano: 1990
Título: Making Every Moment Count
Gravadora: RCA
Formato: CD
1.  Tonight You Made My Day (4:12)
2.  Making Every Moment Count (3:58)
3.  When I Get My Name In Lights (3:03)
4.  Nobody Can Break Us Up (4:21)
5.  I Could Marry The Rain (3:08)
6.  See You In The Springtime (4:08)
7.  So Much Depends On Love Today (4:41)
8.  Why Not? (3:34)
9.  I Couldn't Have Done It Without You (3:46)
10. Love Don't Need A Reason (3:36)